Carpool Karaoke

Hey Everyone!

I have been a fan of the Carpool Karaoke segments from the late late show with James Corden since the first began. I typically watch them on YouTube after they air.

Last night, the Carpool Karaoke segment with Paul McCartney aired, and I watched this evening. It was so good. Until I had seen this one, Adele‘s Carpool Karaoke had been my favorite, but Paul McCartney’s was way way way better. I will link it here.

It’s amazing how well the Beatles music has endured and lasted. They were at their height when my parents were still kids and in their early teens. The fact that their music is still popular 50+ years later is amazing. It seems like a band comes along once every ten years or so, whose music stands the test of time, and generations down the line will have heard it at some point down the line.



American Honey

What is more All American than Baseball, Grandma’s Apple Pie, White Picket Fences and the Fourth of July?

The concept of what is “All American”, is a bit of a foreign one to me, that I have tried to grasp at different times over the past decade.

The closest I have gotten was while I was in college, living in a small town in the middle of farm country, in the summers when I didn’t come back to the city.

Songs like “All American Girl” by Carrie Underwood and “American Honey”, have made me wonder, do these small rural towns, especially in the Heartland, still, have that “All American” feel, or is it something that was left behind in the 1950’s.

Anyone else know what I am talking about? The whole white picket fence, front porch sitting, lemonade (or sweet tea) sipping on a hot summer day, barbequing burgers on Memorial Day and the Fourth of July, watermelon on the Fourth of July, Fourth of July Parades, Fireworks, Going shootin’, muddin’, 4 Wheeling, Going to the lake or the river on a hot summer day, knowing your neighbors, and the town turning out for the Friday night high school football games, way of life? does it still exist? if so, Where?

Growing up in a city that had the nickname “Baby Beirut” in the 1990’s, where Old Town, China Town, and North Portland were places you didn’t want to venture alone during the day, and not at all past dark. Portland has changed over the years, but some things haven’t changed for the better. The homeless problem has only gotten worse, There are still Protests on a semi-regular basis (just not as often), some that still turn violent (even less often, but they still occur). Portland has become less punk rock/alt rock/grunge, and way more bougie and posh, with the Pearl and Nob Hill, and Goose Hollow. The Hipsters have taken over and turned Portland into a city I don’t recognize. If I ever find my way out, I would only come back to visit my family and for Bob’s Red Mill, my favorite bakery, and the Tea. Portland was never one of these places where the whole, White Picket fence, knowing your neighbors, Fourth of July Parade, block party’s and barbequing happened.

Like I mentioned earlier, the summers I stayed in the small towns I lived in while in college were the closest things I had to having the “All American” lifestyle. I would like to get back to that way of life, especially if I ever get married and have kids.

Here comes the Sun

Hey Everyone!

Sitting here, at just after 8:30 pm, it is 78 degrees with 45% humidity. While that isn’t bad compared to the Midwest or East Coast.

I have been to both New York (City and Long Island) as well as Missouri both in the summer months. Even in my late teens and early 20’s, before being so heat sensitive, the heat + humidity combo was rough.

That being said, I have spent a fair amount of time working on my knitting projects. I had finished my pair of Finnley Heather Palette socks.

And I am trying to finish up my Hollyberry Stroll socks.

This past week I also finished up watching the fourth season of The Blacklist. Yes I know I am a season behind, as I am watching them as they come out on DVD. I also finished up the first season of Homefires, which is a British TV show set in the early part of World War Two. It’s fictional storyline centers around one (fictional) town in England and what was going on in England between 1938 and 1940 (Pre Pearl Harbor and the Americans entering the war).

Of late, my favorite shows that are still airing are predominantly British period Dramas. The three shows that are currently airing that I am watching and following are: The Blacklist (with season 6 confirmed), Call the Midwife (Season 8 is filming, and seasons 9 & 10 were ordered along with season 8), and Poldark (season 4 is airing and season 5 is rumored). Anymore, it seems like the Brit’s are consistently coming out with the better TV shows. It seems like once every few years a new American made show comes out and lasts more than a season. In the past 8 years only Grimm and The Blacklist have lasted more than a couple of seasons. There have been a few three season or less shows that were good. These were: Forever, The Mysteries of Laura, Body of Proof and Smash. NCIS and Blue Bloods I watch occasionally, but they aren’t must watch shows for me.

It Rained on the Parade

Hey Everyone!

This weekend was pretty wet, with fairly consistent showers through out. Some were much heavier than others.

It even rained on the Grand Floral Parade. Saturday and Sunday were in the low to mid 50’s for highs.

This allergy season has also been particularly bad. I had been trying to make due without taking allergy medicine, but I have finally started taking some allergy medicine to try and help relieve some of my symptoms.

I had gone out earlier to pick up allergy meds, I got the store brand of Claritin, the active ingredient of which, is: loratadine.

While I was out, I went for a bit of a drive, and went out to Estacada, and then from there I went up into the foothills of the cascades. I love it out there. I am for sure an outdoorsy girl, who loves the mountains and the ocean. I had to pick one to live in / by I would have to choose the mountains, but stay close enough to the ocean to go visit.

Even with having lived in this part of the country, while on one level I do take the mountains for granted, I still love seeing them. Every time I see Mt. Hood, I am still like “wow, it’s beautiful”, even in the dead of summer when it is more grey than white and needs snow.

I can only speak for where I am, but the mountains, and how they look vary so much between the seasons that they are dynamic rather than stagnant.

It’s kind of crazy that from this past weekend to the middle of next week there is supposed to be about a 40 degree spread in our highs. One of the days this weekend really didn’t get above 53, and next week is supposed to be in the low to mid 90’s.

It look like next week will be a great time to wash socks and the shawl I have done. Now I just need to get the two pairs of socks I am knitting up out of KnitPicks yarn done. I am working on the second socks of both pairs. One is closer to being done, but if I keep working on them, I should have them done before we see 90 degree temperatures.

Anyone who know me, knows I don’t do heat, and that when it starts getting over 75, I am staying inside with the AC, only going out to check any of my socks that I washed.

Rainy, Cool Grand Floral Parade

Hey Everyone!

I am sitting here at home, watching the Grand Floral Parade on the TV.

The day of the Grand Floral Parade typically takes one of two paths, it’s usually either cool and wet or super sunny and hot. Today is one of those cool and wet.

The Grand Floral Parade is the final parade of three that take place over the course of a week during the Portland Rose Festival.

The Rose Festival Parades are a part of where I live, I have grown up watching them, as well as being in them while I was in school. I was in the Jr Rose Parade in 7th and 8th grade. In 9th grade, I was in the Grand Floral Parade, and in 10th Grade I was in the Star Light Parade. All while doing Marching Band.

I can’t think of a better way to spend a Saturday morning, than watching the Grand Floral Parade on the TV, drinking tea and knitting.

Learning about My Ancestry

Hey Everyone!

My Brother had done 23 and me for himself. I haven’t been able to do it for myself yet. They say that even siblings have some variations, but with that being said, my brother and I are full siblings so his results would be similar enough to what mine will be to show trends and what is predominant.

I was a little surprised at his percentages. I have been told my whole life that I am half German (or a little over half), and that the other half is predominantly English and Scottish. Come to find out, I am not half German. While I am not half anything, the region from which the bulk of my ancestors are from, are the British Isles and Ireland. Based on family records, I doubt I have much in the way of Irish ancestry, though I am not surprised at having English and Scottish ancestry. I just didn’t think I was more English and Scottish than German. I guess my grandparents aren’t as German as they thought. From what my brothers results showed there is a bit of Eastern European, which I am not surprised at, based off of the ancestry records I have found (censuses and the like), as well as a very small percentage of Scandinavian.

Being predominantly of English and Scottish ancestry explains a lot. It explains my hair color, eye color, cold weather tolerance, heat intolerance, love of grey rainy days and my love of tea.

When the Power of the Ocean is Underestimated

Hey Everyone!

Yesterday, the unfortunate has occurred yet again.

A young man had gone boogie boarding in the ocean and got swept out. His father had gone out after him, and died. While the young man hasn’t been recovered, and is presumed dead.

Every year there are at least half a dozen reports of people goin swimming off the Oregon Coast and having the coast guard called out for an ocean rescue.

I know it looks inviting and like a fun swim, but looks can be deceiving. It’s safe enough to go wading and walk along the waters edge. There are warning signs on all the coastal state parks as well as other places along the coast warning about the dangers of Rip currents and the other dangers of going out in the Ocean.

I wish more people would head the posted warnings. It would save lives.

Between Rip Currents and sneaker waves, among other things you have to have a healthy respect for the ocean. The beach, along the Oregon Coast, is one of my favorite places to go, and it can be a lot of fun. You just have to be sensible. I would advise against going for a swim, and you shouldn’t turn your back on the ocean while wading along the waters edge. I have never seen a sneaker wave in person, but they are a real thing here along the Oregon Coast.

Tea Time in the City!

Hey Everyone!

I had just been at the Smith Teamaker a few days ago, like last Thursday. But I couldn’t stay away that long considering one of my mom’s first cousins is in town and wanted to go.

She and I had gone for tea, and had a nice afternoon chatting while we had tea. We share English ancestry, as well as the fact that I am also part Scottish has a lot to do why why I can drink tea any time anywhere.

Now that I have had about a week of crazy busy, on the go, taking the city by storm, days I am ready to settle back into life and knitting. I definitely want to get the socks I have been working on for what feels like ages done. I am ready to have a ton of socks ready to wash whenever it is so hot outside that they will dry in a couple of hours and I can get more than one round washed and dried in a day. A round for me is four pairs since I have four sets of sock blockers. Now I have more than enough tea on had to plenty of tea choices to make and sip on while I knit.

Before picking up my cousin to go get tea, I had run a couple errands to pick up a few last things and something I had kept pushing off because I didn’t want to bother picking it up. I had gone to Fred Meyer first, but didn’t find what I was looking for, so I ended up at BiMart at well, and found what I was looking for. I was looking for a plastic wash tub, you know like the ones you would use for dishes. I hadn’t found anything like it at Fred Meyer, but I found what I was looking for at BiMart. I have been needing to get one for when I get around to washing shawls. I really don’t want to wash them straight in the sink, I want that tub as a middle layer between my nice shawls and the sink. While I was at Fred Meyer I had grabbed a 10qt bucket (it was $2), just in case I couldn’t find the tub, so now I have both, and am saving the bucket for when I get a place of my own. A bucket is a useful thing.

The city does have its advantages and variety, as well as a better selection. That abundance can and often is overwhelming. This is part of why I would prefer to be living outside of urban sprawl of the city, yet close enough to come in and pick up those items I want / need that I can’t get in the near by town, yet the nearby town has the basics.

Sexual Harassment is NOT acceptable, for any reason.

Hey Everyone!

In the past two days I have received sexually harassing messages on both LinkedIn and Instagram.

While it is unfortunately a common occurrence (which doesn’t make it acceptable) on Instagram (Today wasn’t the first time I have received these kinds of messages on Instagram), but LinkedIn? How much of an idiot are you to send these kinds of messages to a woman you have never met online? Sexually Harassing messages are not Acceptable even on dating sites or Tinder.

I have received a few to many of these messages to just continue with the Report and block routine.

I refuse to sit back and allow these creeps to continue preying on myself and other women. What scares me even more, is that if they are doing this to me, they are also likely preying on teenage girls.

I, myself will not tolerate being harassed, let alone sexually harassed by anyone. It’s bad enough that they do it to someone who has a voice and isn’t afraid to call them on their BS, and speak out about it. I am also choosing to speak out about it, because I know this is happening to others, and to CHILDREN. That is vile.

In this day and age children have to deal with so much, from regular bullying to cyber bullying from their peers, and then to have creepy old men preying on them, it makes me sick.

I am not willing to put up with sexual harassment in any form, now or in the future. I will not wait years to speak out about it, because I’m afraid or retaliation.

I have a voice, and I will use it to stand up for myself and others who feel that they cannot speak up about what is happening to them.

Any “man” who thinks it’s appropriate to demean anyone else, man woman or child, to get his way, especially when he is seeking any form of sexual pleasure is a perverted creep who has no place in society.

I will not continue sitting here in silence while myself and others continue to be harassed online by people we don’t know.

It’s NOT my fault these creeps try to get me to play their dirty games, if you were to look at my social media pages, you would see that I keep them family friendly, because that is the kind of person I am. Having worked with children in the past and having allowed some of the kids I have baby sat when they were little following me on Instagram and Facebook, as well as being friends with my mother and some of my grandparents siblings, I am very aware about what I post. Like seriously, why if one of my friends young kids got ahold of their phone and came across my page or Instagram, there is nothing there that would be inappropriate for them to see.

I am still baffled as to why these “men” target family friendly accounts as well as using professional networking sites to chat up women (or who they perceive to be women), to try to have sort of dirty conversations with them. It is appalling.

I will not put up with these losers, and I will continue to speak out against this kind of behavior that is sexual Harassment.

Enough is Enough, it is time that we stick together and send a very clear message to these idiots.

Where My Heart is At.

Hey Everyone!

This week has been pretty busy, and I have spent a fair amount of time in the car going on adventures in the Valley, which I have been documenting and sharing with you all over the past few days.

This morning I had to run some stuff down to Polk County, for a friend of mine. This is the second time this week I have left the counties that encompass the metro area.

While I was in Polk County, I had gone back to where I had attended college. Part of me still kinda (just a little bit) misses living there, but at the same time, I have come to terms with the fact that that particular chapter of my life is over and it is time to move on and have new adventures and see where life takes me. It’s time to call someplace else home. I still love that area, and I left a piece of my heart there, and it will always have a place in my heart – being the first place I really considered home, It’s now time to find a job someplace else and a new small town call home.

The other day I had driven through Mt. Angel on my way home and had hit it at a bad time for stopping by the Catholic Church for pictures. This church is particularly pretty. I am not Catholic, but I do love the architecture of these older churches.


I had made it a point today to stop by on my way home since I was going to be passing through the area earlier in the day. Beings there is a school across the street, that was letting out the other day when I was there, it wasn’t the best timing on my part. Beings as I was passing through Mt. Angel between Noon and 12:30 pm today, it worked out well to stop and get some pictures.

Like I mentioned earlier in this post, this week has been busy, and I have been on the go pretty much all week. Between that, being off my regular schedule and consuming more caffeine than I am used to (including two lattes and an energy drink in addition to my normal amounts of tea over the course of the week), I am exhausted.  I would not trade the activities I have been doing or the adventures I have been on this week for anything.

I have come to love small towns in the heart of the agriculture and timber areas in this part of the country. The city is a fun place to visit and go do stuff on occasion. I am more at home and at ease with a bit more elbow room, where I have the room to garden and not have other houses and neighbors right up on my space.

I have been fortunate that I have always had what I needed and some of what I have wanted. As I have gotten older, part of my disdain for the city, and city life is seeing how wasteful people are and how many people have a sense of entitlement while their neighbors and others living in the city are struggling to have the basic necessities. I know there are people in this city who work so hard, and work multiple jobs and are unable to make ends meet. Yet I see people throw out good food just because they don’t want to eat it, or it might not be their favorite thing. Food costs money, money doesn’t grow on trees. It infuriates me to see people being so wasteful. I am not exempt from this, there are times when I have been wasteful, especially when I was younger. The more I have struggled with unemployment, and making due with what little I have had, and have, has really been an eye-opener to me. This is part of why I am choosing to live a simpler life, and not spend money on things I don’t need, or will only watch, wear, or use once then move on. I have no real desire to become a true minimalist, as I do want a home of my own and be able to have more than just a tiny home, but I also don’t want much more than I really need. I don’t want a bazillion things that only have one function, or to only be able to make one thing that I rarely make. Especially when it comes to kitchen gadgets and such, what I want in my kitchen will have to have more than one function, or at least be something that I (or others in my future family) would use regularly (like a waffle iron or a coffee pot). While I would love to have a stand mixer, I don’t need all the extra add-ons that only have one function that I wouldn’t use all that often. The stand mixer in and of itself (and a few of the mixer heads/blades) would be something I would use regularly.

In many ways I am so glad I live in the 21st Century, with indoor plumbing, and modern feminine hygiene products, and so much more, but there is something to be said for the older ways of life, where kids grew up learning the value of hard work, and helping others, contributing to society, and more practical skills (like how to fix things that are broken).