Keep Moving Forward

Hey Everyone!

It is kind of hard for me to believe that I have been blogging in some form most of my adult life. While none of my early blogs still exist, I started blogging sometime around late 2010 or early 2011. I know I was blogging at the time when I went to New York and for at least a few months leading up to that. I unfortunately don’t have those blog posts anymore as they were on a blog I deleted.

Of all my blogs that I still have and maintain, the oldest two blogs are my adventures blog and my knitting blog, which both date back to June of 2013. I had started this blog about 14 months later, in August of 2014 (August 15th to be exact). I started this blog because I wanted to keep my adventures blog strictly to my adventures blog, the style and feel of that blog is different than the style of this blog. While I do write a bit more about my adventures on this blog as well, I write more about the day to day, what’s on my mind kinda of things here, where as my adventures blog is dedicated to the actual adventures side of things. The adventures side of things I want to try to include if and when I go on bigger adventures has to where I am going, the preparation for the trip, the gear I am taking, what I pack, tips and tricks, and the adventure itself.

I wish I still had the blog posts from when I was actually in New York, and be able to look back and see how much I have changed from the 23 year old who went to New York on her own. It was one of those trips that helped shape the person I am today. It was one of the first major adult decisions I made completely on my own, and set my mind to it, and didn’t let anyone try to talk me out of it. From that I learned that I don’t need others approval to live my life, and that I can and will do what is right for me, even when others tell me not to or that I cannot do it (for whatever reason), I am not here to live my life to please others. I learned how strong of a person I am, that if I allow others to live my life for me, then I am not living at all.

I love blogging, and being able to go back over my posts and remember what I have seen and done, that I may not remember that I did.


What Goes Around Comes Around

Hey Everyone!

Today was one of those days where I have needed three cups of tea. I was up early this morning since I had stuff to take care up, and then I set up a job interview for this afternoon.

In between setting up the interview and going to the interview, I got quite a bit done around the house as well as some knitting.

I was a bit nervous going into my interview. I am not a fan of interviews. Once I got there, I chilled out a bit. I had worked at a different location of the same store last holiday season. I feel like it went well but I have to wait until Monday or Tuesday to know if I will get the job or not.

Over the past couple of years, I have definitely realized that what you put out into world will come back to you. So if you are positive, on the whole you will get positivity back.

I haven’t always been this firm in what I believe and not caring what others think. I have had my fair share of insecurities and doubts. I can’t exactly tell when when or how, but it was like a switch flipped and it stopped really mattering what others thought. I have been doing me, and doing the things that I enjoy and pursuing my own goals. If someone tells me I can’t do something, I prove them wrong. If they are shocked by my hobbies and things I enjoy, like hiking, camping, fishing, campfires, and the whole nine yards, the more I do these things, because I enjoy them in the first place. The shock value and reactions from some people make doing what I love that much more amazing.

While proving people wrong about me is fun and all, pushing boundaries in a healthy manner is also good for us as people. Trying new things helps us to grow, and learn about ourselves. In learning about ourselves, we learn what we are capable of, and what we enjoy.

At the end of the day, I want to be a better person. I am not perfect, No one is. I am an imperfect person, who has made mistakes and learned from them.

Ultimately, I am sharing my story, because there may be a young woman who comes across it, and is going through something I went through, and sees that she isn’t alone, and that little spark helps her to keep on keeping on.

Best Weekend I have had all Year!

Hey Everyone!

This weekend has been quite relaxing.

Yesterday I spent the day doing home stuff, and basically whatever I wanted to do. I washed a pair of socks and put it out to dry.

I had also rewashed a bulky shawl because it had gotten super stretched out, so I have been letting it dry and shaping it as it dries. It is still damp even though I washed it yesterday, but it is holding the shape I want it to have better.

Yesterday I also did some gardening and some cooking and baking. Last night for dinner I had cooked some quinoa, then added it to some spinach and tomatoes that I was sautéing up in some olive oil seasoned with some salt, garlic and lemon juice. It turned out super good. I also had a side of roasted rosemary garlic potatoes on the side.

I had also made a batch of cherry brownies for dessert.

I have really been enjoying a few days of knitting and Homemaking to my hearts content, and it is really making me want a place of my own again. A place that I can make my own, and have my own kitchen. I want a big garden to grow fruit and vegetables, a place to be able to make meals for a family of my own, as well as having friends over.

So yeah, I have been thinking a lot about what I want my future to look like and what I need to do to make it happen. It is not going to be easy, but making it happen will be so worth it.

I don’t need anything fancy or extravagant, I definitely prefer simple and putting the hard work in to be able to gain practical skills that I can then pass on and share.

Finding Others Who Encourage Us!

Hey Everyone!

The past few years, I have worked hard to get to a point where I genuinely don’t care what people think of me. It hasn’t been easy and has largely been a lot of work to overcome all the insecurities I had developed, as well as the doubts and lies I have been fed my whole life.

Society, the Fashion Industry, Social Media, Media, on the Whole, Peers, Friends, Family, other Men, and Women try to make us conform to what they think we should be. When we don’t conform to that image of what is beautiful, normal, or to them what we should be, and how we should behave; there is no shortage of off comments, snide remarks, backhanded jabs and straight up letting the whole world know our shortcomings according to them. They haven’t walked a mile in our shoes, and/or they are insecure about themselves, or they just want something to nitpick at, to try to make themselves feel better by dragging someone else down.

I had gotten so sick and tired of hearing about being the fat girl, and that I wouldn’t get a man unless I was skinny, or that I am not supposed to love the outdoors, hiking, camping, gardening, and doing anything less than being a proper lady.

Well, Guess What? I don’t play by their rules. I don’t care. If I am not pretty enough, that’s their problem. I’m not skinny enough? again their problem. Not into fashion enough (or at all), I don’t care. Not into makeup (like at all)? I have better things to do with my time.

For the past decade and a half, probably a bit longer, I have done my own thing. I have always been the type where if I am told I can’t do something, I am like “oh yeah, watch me”, and I go out and prove them wrong.

It seems like every so often I come across another woman who has similar views on doing what is right for each of us and being able to rise above the haters and the naysayers and living our own best life.

Life is too short to be a Negative Nelly or a Debbie Downer. It may not be easy to be a positive force in the world, in the end, I would rather work my butt off to encourage other women, young women, and girls to be able to rise above and out of the box that the world puts each of us in. We all deserve the opportunity to live our life, without having to live our life according to anyone else.

This is a Homemakers Summer

Hey Everyone!

The summer heatwave is still raging in full force. With that heat and in some areas strong wind, the wildfires that are burning, are continuing to burn hot and fast.

I have some friends who live in Redding, and have evacuated where they live due to the Carr fire. They have left town for a long weekend, taking their important documents and a few personal possessions. They don’t know what they will find when they go back, or it they will still have a home. Out here in the west we have wildfire season and we have the occasional earthquake. Most areas around here, are in summer burn ban mode with the exception of those camping in one of the campgrounds along the coast, but even there they are restricted. This summer has been so hot and dry.

Beings that it has been so dry, I have taken to watering the garden regularly. There has been a lull in the amount of raspberries I have been getting the past couple of weeks. Today I finally got a pint of berries, which I am hoping is a sign that the second crop is coming on.

Today I also baked three loaves of zucchini bread. One chocolate and two regular.

My mom had gotten a large zucchini squash from one of her coworkers, so I made zucchini bread with it. That one zucchini made all three loaves.

Over the past few days, I have been keeping an eye on the tomatoes that are growing in the garden. There are finally tomatoes on the vines and a few of them are huge for cherry tomatoes. They just need to ripen up.

I also finished up this pair of socks this week.

I got them washed and blocked today. I washed and blocked today, beings that it is still hot outside.

I am working on getting as many pairs of socks knit up this summer, and get them washed and blocked while the weather is warm to hot.

There Comes a Point in Life

Hey Everyone!

Today I really wanted to make brownies today. I made gluten free vegan cherry brownies.

I have also been rewatching Grimm and working on my knitting. Between Grimm and a short stretch of cooler weather is making me Autumn to be here so bad.

Grimm has been one of my favorite shows since it started back in 2011. I own all 6 seasons on DVD, so I am rewatching it from the beginning. It reminds me of Fall and Winter because most of of it aired during fall and winter. There are also scenes that were filmed during fall, which is my favorite season.

A few of scenes from the first episode of the first season were filmed not far from where I grew up.

When the weather cools off a bit I want to get out hiking again. While it is hot, I am trying to get socks finished and ready for cold weather and hiking. This past week I picked out the yarn I intend to use to knit up the next twelve pairs of socks, once I finish up the two pairs I have going.

The past few days I have been out exploring the city a bit, and kind of getting a feel for other parts of the city. There are areas, that I could see myself settling down in, granted I could find a good job. That is the crazy thing. For so long I have been trying to leave, because where I am at right now isn’t working for me. Now, there is a part me me, that if I could find a job here, and move to one of these areas I have fallen in love with, that is more me and the kind of life I want to live, I would stay.

College Campus Tour!!!

Hey Everyone!

Today has been the coolest day we have had in weeks. It only got up to about 71 degrees, so it has been a perfect summer day.

I decided to go for a walk this afternoon, and Reed College is only about a mile or so away. While I am not a fan of most of the students (being a “Reedie” comes with a stigma and bad connotations), the architecture of the original buildings are gorgeous.

For having lived so close for years, I had been on the campus once previously to this. I was in middle school, and it was part of AWSEM (Advocates for Women in Science, Engineering and Mathematics) club and our club mentor was a student at Reed. We had gone there for a club field trip. If I were to be able to go back to school, this school is not on my list.

Today has been a bit cooler and made me think of early fall since it was overcast this morning and cleared up, and not super hot.

This house always has a gorgeous flower garden each summer. I love walking by this house in the summer. This house is just the best one in the neighborhood for having their flower garden. There are other great flower gardens in the city, I am just going to have to hunt them down.

The City is Calling

Hey Everyone!

For me, this is crazy. For the past 8+ years I have always been like “I want to live in the country, I hate the city”. It’s still true that I want to live a simpler life, that is less materialistic and I still want a garden and do more in the way of Urban Homesteading. Most of all I want to get away from the neighborhood I grew up in. It’s not that it’s a bad neighborhood, it is really a good neighborhood, I want to get away from it mainly because it’s rather ritzy for my taste. I prefer the working class and lower middle class neighborhoods that are still safe. I really like the houses built between the 1920’s and the 1950’s.

Today I had gone out. Today has been the coolest day we have had in over a week, and I was ready to get out and enjoy it. I went exploring some different neighborhoods in the city. There are definitely a couple that I like. One area I like is technically in 4 or 5 “neighborhoods”, but it is kind of centralized around a certain area that is made up of different corners on the edges of these five neighborhoods. The other is near one of the main “hipster” eclectic hot spots in the city, but has more of the style of houses I like and is near good grocery shopping and decent schools.

There is so much I would miss if I moved too far from Portland, like Bob’s Red Mill, the Gluten Free Vegan Bakery I like to go to, all the great tea shops here, I would also miss the occasional trip to New Seasons, Market of Choice, and Trader Joe’s (they have the best price on nuts 🥜).

In the near future I am definitely wanting to go check out the Portland Nursery, to get a feel for what they have in stock.

When I was younger I wasn’t that adventurous, but as I have gotten older (with the help of going to college and then going to New York on my own at 23, as well as having jobs in different parts of the city), I was pushed out of my comfort zone to the point where I don’t left fear and doubt stand in my way of exploring and getting out of my comfort zone.

I should also mention the fact that the city has the best internet speeds, which is a good thing, for where I want to take my blog as well as making videos.

Staying Cool during the Heatwave.

Hey Everyone!

What a week. After Monday I definitely took time to relax and trying to stay out of the heat as much as possible.

I have been working on getting knitting projects worked on and completed.

I made chili earlier in the week, as well as a couple batches of raspberry jam.

I completed the first sock of one of the pairs I am working on as well as a dishcloth over the past couple of days.

While I have not had to go much of anywhere this week, I have spent time gardening, as well as knitting, baking and jam making. I made a batch of jam earlier this week, as well as a second batch yesterday. Yesterday I also made a batch of gluten free vegan banana nut muffins and a batch of normal banana bread for those I live with.

We are definitely in fire season. The most recent fire I have heard about is burning near Silver Falls State Park, and doubles in size overnight. Silver Falls is one of my favorite places to go Hiking.

My biggest concern is the risk they pose to human lives and animals in their paths. It seems like the human caused fires are the most devastating.

Wildfires that are naturally occurring (lightning caused) are a normal thing, and so good things for the forests in the natural cycle of things.

Insights into the mind of a Current Beach Bum at Heart.

Hey Everyone!

Today was a very busy day.

Today I went to the beach. I have been wanting to go back to the beach for ages, well pretty much since I got home from my past trip back in March.

It was somehow decided yesterday, that at least my mom would be taking some of her longtime friends from Canada to the coast today, and taking them to the Tillamook Creamery (aka the Tillamook Cheese Factory). The cheese factory has been in the process of being remodeled over the course of the past year or two, and it finally reopened a couple weeks ago. It was crazy busy there today, which was good for business and for the community. I fell in love with Tillamook County a fews years ago. I love the smaller coastal towns that look a lot like they did when my mom was a kid. With the decline of fishing and logging being the primary year round employers many of these communities are relying more and more on tourism. With the summer tourist season as well as those who come out in the winter for storm watching, tourism is a big deal.

In more recent years I have opted away from the larger towns and small cities, opting for the smaller towns that really are struggling more. These larger towns are trying to hard to be more like California beach towns or Coney Island. Many of these towns are becoming rather yuppie, catering to a demographic with more money. These smaller towns are still such that your average person fits it. There are way more mom and pop shops that I love to support. Some towns have farmers markets on the weekends, have train rides that are pulled by a steam locomotive and so much more besides spending so much time on the beach. They still feel like they have that slower pace of life, where you can slow down, relax and drink a cup of coffee or tea on the porch on a summer morning while watching and listening to the ocean. Later that day after wandering around the cute little shops, grabbing food at one of the local restaurants, gotten ice cream for dessert its time to hit the beach before roasting hotdogs over a fire. That evening as the sun is going down, there is nothing like going for a walk, banking up the fire, roasting marshmallows to make s’mores while the sun sinks lower and lower into the ocean until it finally dips into the ocean. Then it’s time to fully extinguish the fire (with water) and head to bed to start it all over again in the morning.

Today was raised be of those perfect beach days. It was cool and overcast all day, it drizzled a little bit but it really didn’t rain on our parade. The most rain we saw was when we were driving back over the mountains this evening. We were there long enough that we beat the rush hour traffic coming back.

It wasn’t super cold either. It was cool enough but there was a little warmth in the air. Enough to definitely warrant putting on sunblock. I will find out in the morning if I really do have a slight sunburn or not, because I didn’t reapply sunblock while I was out, before going down on the beach. I am hoping I just feel a little warm from being outside much of the day.

I really like what they did with the cheese factory, while it was super busy and I really didn’t get to go at a slower speed to take it all in, one of the biggest take away from today was the fact that they hung signs in where they actually make the cheese about what is going on where and they have better displays explaining the cheese making process.