Set Up Disaster

Hey Everyone!

Have you ever been set up on a date, or had a “meeting” set up with someone that someone or some people are intent on you dating? For those of you who have, how well do that go?

For me, it has always ended in disaster. Mainly because the people or person doing the setting up doesn’t know you very well, and doesn’t know your type. I have never had my best friends try to set me up with someone, because they don’t believe in it, or have had it happen to them and they are like me, and can’t stand the practice.

I am one of those who believes that major life events (like getting married, having kids) happen in their own time, and that you need to know yourself and what you look for in a significant other before getting married, and not straying from what is a turn on or turn off just because you want someone in your life.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being single. Being Single is not a crime, disease, or something to be afraid of. Everyone is different, and there is not right age to get married for everyone. The biggest, and most important thing is finding that person who you are compatible with. For some it takes longer than others.

My most recent epic set up fail, started out with an already uncomfortable situation that I really didn’t want to be in, and then having to meet a guy, who turns out is not my type did not really help the situation. It will be something to laugh about later I guess, or to tell my friends about if they are in similar situations, and then laugh about.


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