Bell’s Palsy and Glasses

Part of why I was harassed, teased and got made fun of as a kid, besides my weight was also the fact that I have been wearing glasses since the age of two. Being overweight and having to wear glasses are two major strikes against you at any age, but especially as a kid.

As it was I had low self confidence going into Middle School, what made 6th grade even worse was the fact that I spent most of that school year dealing with Bell’s Palsy. For those of you who don’t know, Bell’s Palsy is a temporary partial face paralysis.

So imagine you are 11/12 years old with thick glasses that made you look like an insect, and then having half your face paralyzed for most of the school year. That was a rough school year. Though the good thing that came out of that school year was that I finally got Contacts, which totally solved the having to wear glasses in public issue.

I had totally forgotten about having had Bell’s Palsy until I was doing some googling and came across a mention of it. I was totally like “I’ve had that”.

There was one instance that I can remember that we were doing some kind of presentations in my block class (language arts and social studies with the same teacher for 3 class periods) and my teacher would have let me sit out the presentation because of the Bell’s Palsy. I chose to do the presentation anyway and not care what my classmates thought or said. I chose to be strong through that and not let it stop me, or get me down.

I am glad that phase of my life is well in the past. Though it is one of those things that I have been through and come out the other side. I still have glasses and contacts. I still generally wear contacts when I go out and about.

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