Small Town Life

Going back “home” to the towns in which I lived during college, still in someways tears at me, because I can’t be living there at the moment. I miss the three towns that were such a huge part of my life, and are still very much a part of my life. 

The towns have changed a bit since I have lived there but not so much that it is like “whoa what happened here” 

I can tell there has been a definite change and shift in my mentality from the college there to go to school mentality, to thinking of the area as a great place to settle down, buy a house, and raise a family. It would be a great place to raise kids. The small town life is the kind of life that I want to give my kids. I grew up in the city, and that is not what I want for my kids. 

Afore mentioned town that shall remain nameless is still close enough to the big city, for shopping purposes, especially for Food Intolerance specific specialty food. 

Life in the city is insanely busy even when you are sitting home doing nothing. There is always something going on, something to do, someplace to be, someone who wants to do something. This summer has flown by, and most of the time I really haven’t done a whole lot so to speak. I can remember while I was in college how much I didn’t like the city in part because I could never fully relax, and just breathe. Breaks from school that I would spend at home in the small town were the most relaxing, because there was nothing really demanding of my attention, and I was where I wanted to be so I wasn’t trying to get away from someplace or to somewhere else. 

I also loved being on my own most of all, I had my own life, and did my own thing without anyone telling me how to live it, and decide for me whether I was getting sick or not, or that I needed to get myself over my food intolerances, by making myself sick in the process. 


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