My College Experience

Hey Everyone! 

Today I want to talk about the importance of doing your best and not goofing off in high school. Whether or not you want to go to college, it is important to do well in school. I learned the hard way what goofing off and not trying hard enough gets you. 

If you do intend to go to college, doing well all four years of high school is important, not only for your cumulative GPA (which also helps open doors to more colleges) but having a diverse class load (especially when it comes to electives) is also very important. Why I am telling you this is because college is not easy. I had a hard time, especially my first year of college to adjust to the higher level of what was expected of me in college. I was not prepared for the college course load, by struggling with a normal high school course load with no AP, Honors or IB classes. That even going to a small state college. 

When I went to college, I had gone intending to graduate with a degree in early childhood/elementary education, and had spent the previous school year volunteering in an elementary school. By the time I got to my sophomore year of college I was spending hours a day on my homework, struggling at something I was not enjoying, and I knew deep down that teaching school in the traditional sense was not for me (I have had the door slammed in my face a couple of times since college, reaffirming the fact that a career in teaching school is not for me). Half way through my sophomore year of college I changed my major to Social Science (I’ll explain a bit more about that in a bit) and I minored in Literature. 

The Social Science division includes Anthropology, Criminal Justice, Geography, History, Political Science and Sociology. I majored in Social Science so I could take classes in the above categories that interested me and have them all count toward my major credits. The only subject I did not take any classes in was sociology, which would be the primary subject of these subject if you were wanting to be a social worker. I took primarily History classes, and had no intention then nor do I have any plans now to become a social worker. I applaud those who can be social workers, but that is not something I could do, without it taking all that I have. 

Once I completed all my lower division general education classes (at my school we called them LACC’s – Language Arts Core Curriculum), and was entirely working on upper division classes for my major and minor school got so much easier. I didn’t have the busy work of my lower division classes (which were kind of like a repeat of high school, but a bit harder), and was taking just classes that were of interest to me. 


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