Why I Blog

Many of the last posts I have written are about things that have happened to me in the past, which I have shared because these events in my life have contributed to who I am today, and are all part of the journey my life has taken me on. 

In writing the post about losing my grandparents, after I had written it, I felt like there was a release of all the stuff I had been holding in. Like I had said i that post, I don’t want anyone to see these posts as a “Woe is me” sob story. That is not my point. I have been through some tough stuff, and I hope by sharing my story and experiences that maybe I can help someone else in the process. Writing about my experiences has helped me heal, and helped bring me a sense of closure and finality. 

I know some people would call me crazy for putting myself out there through my blogs, but life is too short to not have a voice. Even today I heard a comment made about people who blog, and why do they thing they have anything to say. In that moment I wanted to go off on a rant to that person about why everyone has something to say, but only a few choose to make what they have to say heard. 

Each of us has a voice, and at least where I am, we still have the right to have our voices, thoughts and opinions heard. I started blogging, because I needed an outlet to write in. I am not out to be a big internationally known blogger, I just want to share some of what I have been through. 


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