Lessons about Life, I learned from going to College

  • You will most likely do something stupid or embarrassing at some point in college. If you don’t, I would wonder what rock you hid under for 4+ years
  • Changing your major is OK. You should love what your are studying, and it should in part be an extension of who you are. 
  • Don’t settle for the guy who you are with just because he gives you attention, especially if you think at any point during the relationship “I can and will find someone better”. 
  • You can and will find someone better than the guy you are settling for, Don’t waste your time, or his by letting him be baggage in your life
  • Don’t settle for less than the best. Period. 
  • The dreams and goals that are worth attaining, are worth working hard for and fighting for. 
  • School is important, and doing well is just as important, take that seriously, but don’t forget to have some fun as well (that is what a weekend here and there, as breaks from school are for)
  • When you are overwhelmed and thinking about throwing in the towel (especially in your first couple of years) remind yourself that there are people out there who would love to take your place in a heart beat but don’t have the opportunity to be attending school
  • Being a Party Animal freshmen year (or any year for that matter) and coming back to the dorms visibly drunk, especially on a “dry campus” will not only get you on the outs with your RA, and with others in your hall, but also possibly get you arrested if you are under age. 
  • Living in a small town of than 10,000 people (and coming from the city with a metro population of over 2.25 million) is a good learning experience. Even if you aren’t a fan of it, it will be a learning experience, and you’ll know you are a city person. Or you could fall in love with the small town lifestyle (well other than the helicopter police force).
  • I could say the same about going to a big city (it doesn’t have to be LA or New York) from a small town for school would also be a learning experience. 
  • If any guy calls you a fat ugly cow (or some variation) and that you can’t do any better than him, and no other guy will want you, kick him to the curb if you are dating him, or if you are breaking up with him, he was so not worth your time, energy and emotions and you are better off without him. 
  • The world does not revolve around guys, some girls do meet their spouse in college, but many don’t.
  • Having nothing to do on a Friday/Saturday night is actually awesome. When you don’t have to study, work on a project, be at work, or have social plans you can take a night or two to yourself, curl up in your comfy clothes and watch that one movie you love and everyone else hates, while eating junk food. 
  • Set a consistant study schedule. I would typically do my homework/reading/notes/questions for the next class session on the day of the most recent class session. IE if I had a Monday/Wednesday class I would do Wednesday’s assignment/reading on Monday, and then do the assignment/reading for the following Monday on Wednesday. By doing the assignment for the next class meeting on the day you just had that class, then you would have it done, and no I forgot to do it because I didn’t do it while I was thinking about it. 
  • I also used a planner to get myself organized, and then fill it in for the term once I got of my syllabus’ so that I would have it written down of when things needed to be done or had papers/projects due.  

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