Craft Store Haul!

I have to say that I love sales, and I love coupons. I had decided to go to my local chain craft store yesterday. I had gone to see what they had in the way of fall decorations, and about yarn for Christmas Gifts. I figured since it is now September, I should start thinking about getting going on the Christmas gifts that I want to get up before then. The hand knit gifts are really for my mom and a good friend of mine. 

004In the seasonal section (which is currently fall decorations), they were having a 50% off sale, so I got two cute little pumpkin decorations. I could not pass them up, beings that I got them both for $5. 

In the yarn section I got one skein of yarn for $2 off, it was on sale, and then I had also picked up a regular priced skein of yarn, in which I was able to use a 40% a regular priced item on that. I got two fall decorations and two skeins of wool yarn for about $16.50, and I did not spend full price on any of the items I purchased. 

I am waiting until next week to finish my yarn for Christmas gifts shopping since I have some coupons for 50% off one regular priced item that go into effect next week. I will be able to get the rest of the yarn that I need to make the Christmas gifts I have in mind, and save myself some money which is always a good thing. 


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