Wanting to Get out and Explore

If I could move anywhere in the country that was outside of the current geographic region I currently live in I would want to spend a year or two in Colorado, and at least a year someplace along the Maine coast. 

Why I specified outside my own geographic area, is because I would move to the Northern Oregon Coast in a heart beat if I could get a job that would take me there. At the same time I also want to take my blogs to the next level, especially my adventures blog. My other blogs would just follow suit. I would still be writing about more life stuff, and what I was learning about, and how I was growing/changing and what I doing on this blog, I would be writing about how the move had impacted how I deal with my food intolerances, and what I was cooking, baking and making on that blog, and my knitting blog would still be about what I was working on. A new job and a move someplace out of what I am used to would overall help each of my blogs, but it would help my adventures blog the most. 

I also know that the likelihood of me actually being able to move to Scotland is slim, so I have thought about places within my own country that I would like to spend some time in. 

Colorado was where I wanted to move, when the novelty wore off and realistic goals set in from the Scotland dream. I still wouldn’t mind living there, and seeing that part of the country. 

Maine has been the newest place on the list, especially coastal Maine, in part becuase I love the coast period, it would be beachy and small towny enough for me, while still getting out and going and seeing the history of New England. 

Then again, if I would pretty much move most anywhere in the country if it meant that I had a job that I could support myself on and pay off my college loans. 


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