The Beach

The sound of the ocean, the first sight of the beach, the way the air smells. It is the salty sea air mixed with the smell of campfires, and it calls my name. The way the sand feels between my toes, and the cold first wade in the North Pacific Ocean. getting covered in sand The way my clothes smell after a day at the beach and a summer evening campfire. Taking another shower after a long day of being out in the fresh air and getting covered in sand, and sleeping well at night because of a day filled of salty sea and smoky campfire air and having had a boat load of fun on the beach. This is just part of why I love the beach.

I have been the the beach more times than I can count. The Northern Oregon Coast, is so far, my favorite place of everywhere that I have been and that is saying a lot. I have been some “cooler” places, but the Oregon Coast wins by a long shot. 

No matter where I go, or what I do, the beach will be a part of who I am. I know I could totally live somewhere else, that is further from the coast, but there is something about it, that has gotten in my blood, and it makes me want to move there. I would in a heart beat if I could find a job that would take me there. 

Beach 674

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