I just finished watching the Pilot of a new TV show called Forever. I have not been this excited for a new TV show since I saw the Pilot of Grimm. Beings that Grimm is going into its 4th season, Nashville is getting boring, Revolution is over (the last season was pretty pathetic) and Once Upon A Time stopped being good after the second season, I need a new TV to add to my line up, beings that Grimm is the only good TV show I have seen in the last couple of years. The only reason I am still watching Nashville is to see Lennon and Maisy sing.

I am not one who is normally into the new TV shows that are coming out each season. It has to actually look interesting for me to watch it. Some of the shows that I have seen they are good for a season or two, but after that they quit being good, because all the good material gets used up in the first two seasons and there is only so much you can do with a show without much forethought without them being dull.

What show are you guys really into right now and why?

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