First Day of Fall!

Fall is officially here! The weather here is quite fitting for fall, mainly cloudy with some patches of blue sky here and there, with temperatures hovering in the high 60’s. Today has been a perfect day weather wise. I love overcast grey days. I know I am weird, but I love days like this. This weekend was really hot, from what I heard Saturday hit 94. Anything above 75 (with low humidity) and 70 (with humidity 35% and higher) is just too uncomfortable.

In preparation for Fall and Winter, I pulled out the wool accessories I have knit up over the last couple of years, and washed the ones I know I had not  or could not remember if I had washed since I knit them. They are currently laying out on towels on the living room floor drying. I also opened up the house today to get some fresh air, and air out the wet sheep smell of the wet wool. If you want to read more about how I washed the wool accessories (how many of us have thought that washing wool will ruin it period?), click here, to find the blog post I wrote about it earlier today.

Fall is my favorite time of year! Summer could not end soon enough. If I could bypass summer completely, or live somewhere that is cool all year around like SE Alaska, I would be super happy.


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