Throwback Thursday

Hey guys!

Today while my Dad and I were straightening up the garage, and he came across one of the photo albums my grandma had made, of pictures from when my brother, myself and my two cousins on my dad’s side of the family were little. Is more pictures of my brother and I, and my cousins were in the family and Christmas pictures. Aaron and Jesse if you are reading this, I am sure this is one of you two somewhere, if you don’t already have it.

It is interesting to see myself at that age at my grandparents house in Washington, that I haven’t been to in 13 years. I remember snippets of being there with my grandparents, but as I grow older it feels like another lifetime and the memories are fading faster and faster. My grandma passed away almost 13 years ago, so there are a few things that I remember but not much about the early years.

I was the only granddaughter for my Dad’s parents, and I was their 3rd out of 4 grandchildren. I have heard the story that when I was little, my grandparents were out shopping, and my grandpa had seen this little pink coat and insisted that they get it for me 🙂

The two (well technically 4, but I made them into 2 pictures) pictures below are from when I was little. One is of me with each of my dad’s parents and the other is from when I was 3, and had gone to Medford with my grandma to visit her mom and her oldest sister. I can vaguely remember bits and pieces of that trip.




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