Busyness is Good

Hey Everyone!

This past weekend, I went home twice in 36 hours. Saturday I just needed to get out of the city and go do something on my own, so I went home. Yesterday I went down for the Sunday evening service at church. The church family I have at home, really became my family while I was in college. They are still to this day more my own family than some of my own blood family.

When I talk about home, I am referring to the two towns I lived in, and went to school in (they are right next to each other), and the town about 8 miles away from those two that I frequented on a weekly basis at least. These three towns collectively became my home.

Last week I had to start reorganized my storage unit, which is filled with all the stuff I had used in my apartment while in college, that I am saving until I can move out again. While I was at it, I went looking for my I Love Lucy DVD’s. I have spent the last four years without them, and I have spent the last 3 years wishing I hadn’t packed them away, and put them in the storage unit. It makes me sad to see my life packed away in boxes, and of the life, independence and freedom I once had, and hope to have again (and need to have again sooner rather than later).

I loved living on my own. College was hard, don’t get me wrong, and the first apartment I lived in sucked, but my last two years of college, especially were the best two years of my life so far. I miss that. To have that, I need a job that I can support myself on (and pay my loans). The economy is still really tough, so living on my own is on hold, which I don’t like at all.

In the process of having gone through a few boxes, I found my High School diploma and my College Degree. I was happy to see that they have survived the past four years unscathed, and undamaged. I am actually proud of myself and the fact that I have a college degree, even when I wonder if going to college, and the loans are really worth it for where I am right now. The experience in and of itself was worth it.


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