Setting the Example

Hey Everyone!

Here recently, I had come to fully realize that I am a role model for those who are younger than myself. For better or worse they look at what kind of example I am setting, and how I handle situations that come my way.

The past four years are a prime example of that, I have been one of the millions of American’s hit hard by the recession, and lack of growth in the post recession economy. It hasn’t been easy, and it has been frustrating to see no light at the end of the tunnel, and like millions of other young adults having college loans hanging over my head, and feeling powerless to change my situation. I have tried everything I know how to do, been given the run around by perspective employers, 95% of whom just put my application or resume in the “reject pile”. It has been a fight and a struggle that is tiring.

I can’t let that stop me from having hope, that one day, hopefully soon that I will find a good job.

I am one who does believe in God, that he does answer prayer, and that there is a higher plan in place for my life. I can’t afford to believe that nothing good will come of the struggle I have been through to find a job period. I would honestly rather to be underemployed than to continue to be unemployed. a job is a job. I can’t afford to give up hope that the past four and a half years will be worth the wait, and the struggle.

What kind of example would I be, if I gave up hope, or ended my life because it was “too hard” or said “forget this” and fell off the face of the earth.

The past four and a half years have given me ample opportunity to do what I love. I haven’t found how to get paid to do what I love yet, and I know the Lord has a job for me. I know there is more to life than living at my parents house without a job, just because the economy has not improved much in four years. I refuse to let the discourage me, and keep me from believing that I will find a good job.

Over the course of the past four years I have been able to do what I love doing, from knitting, to going on adventures, hiking, being outdoors, cooking, baking, help bake and serve cookies at church during the Christmas event we do. Despite having needed a job and a paycheck for 3 of the past four years, I would not trade these experiences for anything. I also love blogging, and sharing my experiences with my readers.

I have made mistakes, we all have, but my mistakes do not define me. They have helped shaped the person I have become, and I have learned from them. Each day we have the choice to make today better than yesterday, and not make the mistakes we made when we were younger, immature, and stupid.

When the realization hit me, that I am an example for the teenagers I know, and that I needed to choose whether I was going to be someone they could look up to and respect, or be someone who was not the greatest example, I chose to take the high road and be the good example. It isn’t just for them, but I could be my own good example.


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