Home is where your Heart is

Hey Everyone!

This evening I had gone home. A group of Young People (YP for short) from the headquarters church (where I was raised and currently attend) went to my Home church (the branch I attended in college and still visit regularly because I love the area, and the congregation there have become my family) for a combined YP meeting. My home church is exponentially smaller than the HQ church, and had definitely benefitted from having the group of 50ish come for the meeting. I have not seen that little church that full since the last time we had held special meetings there, 7+ years ago. The combined YP choir was larger than the congregation of my home church on a good Sunday.

Each time I visit home, I miss living there in a good way and for all the right reasons. I would move back in a heart beat because I miss the church family I have there. I miss the small town way of life. I miss this town and the two that are about 10 miles away where I actually lived and went to school. I miss the proximity to the coast. I also miss that I lived in a small town in the middle of nowhere yet was close enough to bigger cities to go in once every three months or so to go shopping and out to dinner, or occasionally drive up to the city I grew up in for even more shopping and dinner choices.

I know I touched on the topic before, but now that I have developed food intolerances, staying fairly close (at least close enough to drive here for the weekend), or somewhere that is big enough to have the variety of health food stores and such to help me manage my food intolerances and keep myself well. 3 years ago if you had told me that in 3 years time I would not be consuming Dairy, Gluten or Coffee I would have told you that you were crazy but here I am – off all three.

Since I graduated college I have learned a lot about life. There is still more to learn and more to see. One thing that I do know is that my own hometown and I are not through. This is only the beginning, and I have had to go through the last almost 4.5 years for a reason.

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