Month: November 2014

Braving the Crowds

Hey Everyone!

It is the Saturday after Thanksgiving here in the U.S., and in recent years it has earned the label “Small Business Saturday”. That is one Christmas is Shopping, so go shop, days that I actually like. I don’t know how many areas it has caught on in, but I have heard the term thrown out there in the area where I am for the past couple years at least. I like it because it is encouraging people to shop locally owned mom and pop type stores, which is really good for the local economy. I personally love shopping locally when I can.

Yesterday was Black Friday which is a big shopping day here in the States. Many stores have special Black Friday sales. I have never been one to wait in line at a store in the middle of the night to get into a store for their Black Friday sales. I have been known to shop on Black Friday, but I wait until the afternoon or shop online. Such was the case last night, I saw that REI was having a sale, so I went and checked out what they had sales on. Turns out that one of the Backpacks (for traveling or hiking) was on sale, so I got it. I couldn’t pass up a normally $50 22L day pack for $29. I don’t do the whole going to the store early in the morning, when I am normally asleep. I don’t much care for crowds, especially when they could turn deadly at any given moment.

Today, I did some major shopping, and did spend some time and money in one of my favorite local businesses – Bob’s Red Mill. I was getting low the two flour mixes that I use in my Gluten Free/Dairy Free baking. They do have regular wheat flour, and items that do contain gluten and dairy, but they also have an amazingly large selection of gluten free flours, and other gluten free items, as well as baking and cooking aids. The company has been around for a while, but I had only found out about it within the last 5 or 6 years. I have been shopping there regularly since I went gluten free almost a year ago. I can tell you that I made out like a bandit. I got all the flours I needed to mix up more of the mixes that I use. I had also gotten more yeast for baking bread.

After having gone to Bob’s Red Mill, I went to the mall to go to the Body Shop and get more eye makeup remover, face cleansers, and a day time moisturizer. Going to the mall used to always be a fun, carefree experience. Now it is kind of hard, to not keep an open ear, and watch over your back kind of situation. It is nearing the two year mark that some punk showed up at the mall I frequent, and started shooting at random people in the food court area, killing two and critically injuring a third before taking his own life. It crosses my mind at least once each time I go to the mall, even though I try not to think about it. I want to say that I had been to the mall within the week, if not earlier in the day that the shooting happened.

I had also gone to Fred Meyer and did a lot of shopping there. There was quite a bit on my list as I just started a new job, and got my first paycheck. I had a list of necessities as well as a couple “wants” that I wanted to pickup. I have gone without a lot over the last few months, so it was nice to be able to just go shopping and pick up what I needed. I picked up a few things for work, like a PUR water pitcher, so that I can have filtered water my my desk, so I don’t have to get up every time I need to fill my water bottle. I had also picked up a box of band-aids, even though I won’t need them like I did while working at the studio. I stabbed my fingers so many times it got to the point where I just took band-aid’s with me, in my purse. I also picked up a travel mug, so I can take my tea with me in the mornings, as I don’t drink much of it, before I have to be heading out the door, and I don’t like wasting perfectly good tea.

I started my day of shopping about 11:00 or so this morning, and finished up by 4:30 this afternoon.


Taking it up a notch

Hey Everyone!

I know I posted earlier today. Rather than making a super long all over the place post, I decided to share these thoughts in a new post.

Now that I am working, I am able to put more of the plans I have been making for blog post ideas for this blog, as well as my other blogs into effect. Some of what I have been wanting to do, has been dependent on having an income (ie being able to afford to go on adventures and being able to do my own grocery shopping and cook what I want and share that on my cooking blog). I am looking at after the first of the year, of really getting things back up and running, especially for cooking, baking, recipe sharing and a lot more on that blog.

My job is a good job for this point in my life. I don’t want to say that it is not going to be a career for me because I don’t know what the future holds, but I do know that I do want to do something more along the lines of what I had studied in college, within the Social Sciences or living on farm, with a family of my own. No matter what I do, my blogs will still be part of my life, and what I am doing. I love being able to write, and share insights into some of the experiences I have had, as well as other things that interest me.

I am hoping and praying that this job is a jumping off point for me, to get me going in terms of having a job, and from here see where I go. While my time to sit at the computer and blog will be diminished from what it has been, making the best use of my free time will be of greater importance. I have found that I write better with hard and fast deadlines that are upon me.

There are so many ideas and thoughts swirling around in my brain right now. I am hoping in a couple of months things will calm down, and that I will be into a normal routine, and in the process of working on my blogs to take them where I want them to go, as well as get things squared away on life in general.

It’s Thanksgiving!

Hey Everyone! Happy Thanksgiving to all my American readers and followers!

My second week of work is over, which is kind of weird. It doesn’t feel like this is the second week that I have been there. There are still things that I am having to get sorted out, but that is to be expected.

I am going to be taking advantage of the long holiday weekend, as it will pretty much be the only free weekend I have between now and  the weekend before Christmas, and even then that weekend will likely be busy getting last minute stuff done.

While I love the Holiday’s, I am also excited for them to be over and finally get into a normal “boring” working adult routine. My body is already adjusting pretty well. Even though I had today off, and hadn’t set an alarm I woke up this morning a little before 7, before going back to sleep for another hour. Taking the couple weeks before I started working to start easing myself into going to bed and getting up earlier has definitely helped, as well as having to get up and be somewhere this past weekend. I am trying to not get off my regular routine so that this next week, my first 40 hour work week won’t be so hard, in terms of getting though it with enough energy.

The week is over

Wow, what a week. This past week I started a new job, and spent an evening with one of my cousins who is visiting briefly from Canada. and today I spent a good share of the day helping to mix up cookies for the Christmas event at church. We got a bit over half of the cookies mixed up.

My new job is going well, the hardest part for me is readjusting to a “normal” routine of getting up, getting ready to go, sitting in traffic for far to long, working 8 hours, and then battling even more traffic to get home, to then eat dinner, have a little bit of me time, then going to bed and starting it all over again.

Until after the new year life is going to be busy with work during the week, and Christmas stuff on the weekends as well as the holiday’s. This time of year is always busy.

After spending several hours working on mixing up cookie dough for the weekend long Christmas event at church, I spent time working on break and cookies for myself. I used up the last of a loaf of bread last night and needed more for lunches this week.

I am really grateful for my job. I know that there are millions of American’s who would love to have my job as well. I am thankful that I have been given the opportunity to have a good entry level job to really get my career going. Where I am, and what I am doing is not a long term career, as I was brought on to work on a specific project, and I intend to stay until the project is complete. After that, I do not know what the next step will be, but I do know that this is a step in the right direction. I have waited for this job for four and a half long years, and now that I have it.

I don’t know if I have mentioned it here, but I am glad that I have this job so that I can hopefully put some money aside for when this job ends so that I can pursue jobs elsewhere and should the opportunity arose to move I would be able to financially make the move.

Setting some mid range goals

The past few days have been rough for me, but I am trying to not let them completely bum me out.

This morning I had gotten up at 8:00, in trying to get my body used to going to bed and getting up earlier because I start work tomorrow. This morning I have been working on making bread and chocolate chip cookies for myself, since I am Dairy and Gluten Free.

This will be the first job I have had, that most weeks (weeks without nationally observed holidays) I will be working 40 hours, and being a boring adult. With that being said, two vlogs are going to have to be cut from my daily viewing. I currently watch four, and then whatever is in my cue on Hulu. I know from the last job I have I am going to be too tired in the evening to watch all 4 AND something from Hulu. The two that I feel that I will be continuing to watch on a regular (if not daily) basis will be The Chick’s Life as well as Ellie and Jared. Those two are the two that I look forward to watching each day.

Like many other young people my age who attended college, I have loans that I am working on paying off. I am also hoping to be able to put some money away for down the road, and being able to have enough money set aside for a security deposit, first and last months rent and have some money to be able to travel on to go on interviews and such and to be able to cover at least a month or so of gas, groceries and utilities. I am hoping that in a couple years, to be able to move out, and possibly find a better job, and move to a different state. Having some money set aside to be something to fall back on or get myself started somewhere new, and cover expenses for the first month so that I could get myself going in the new place, I would be happy. I realize that my goal is fairly short term in the grand scheme of things, but I would consider it a mid range plan. To me it isn’t exactly a short term plan of a year of less, or a long term plan of 5 to 10 year plan, it is kind of in the middle of a one and a five year plan.

I don’t know what the economy will be like in 2017, or what. From what I have heard, the project I will be working on is projected to be completed in 2017, so I am kind of hoping that my position will last at least that long. It would definitely put me in a better place financially if it does. I also know that even though I am not able to really apply my degree to what I will be doing, The skills I will be using and gaining would help me in the future. Being able to do data entry, organization of information, spread sheets, time management, attention to detail, and other things are always good skills to have no matter what field you are in.

I would love to be able to get a good paying job doing something History related, or to be a Travel Blogger (again there would still be history involved as I would take advantage of the opportunities to go see the History of wherever I traveled to), or working with children in need. Even if I traveled and saw history on the weekends and vacations, and had a job I enjoyed and I could support myself on, I would find a way to continue going on adventures, especially if I moved somewhere besides the general area I currently live in. With those adventures, and life experiences I would love to be able to blog about them while I am experiencing them, as well as create come vlogs from the video footage I hope to get, as well as still photographs.

Toto, It’s definitely not summer anymore

The first part of October, as well as earlier this month, it has been a bit above average temperature wise, and we have had a lot of nice, sunny weather. Since the low pressure system has dropped down from Canada, we have gone from about average temps, and overcast days to being sunny, but cold and windy. They are talking about the possibility of snow here in the Valley tomorrow morning, but I am not holding my breath or crossing my fingers on that. Quite often when there is a chance of snow here, it doesn’t stick, or doesn’t even snow. There have been a few times when we have gotten snow (like this past January and February) and it snowed, then would warm up enough to start melting it a bit, or get cold rain then freeze over, making everything icy, and therefore shutting the city down.

I am glad that I got my paperwork and drug screen done for my new job last week, so this week I can focus more on knitting projects I have going (especially my mom’s Christmas Gift) as well as working on adjusting my sleep schedule so when next week comes around going to bed and getting up earlier for work won’t be as hard as if I hadn’t been trying to ease my body into it. I had gotten used to go to bed whenever, which was always past midnight, and then getting up after 9:30 in the morning, so going from that to getting up at 6 in the morning and being in bed between 10:00 and 10:30 the night before is a hard transition for me, if I don’t ease into it.

My start date for my new job is in a week from now, and I will be doing a lot of Data Entry/Clerk stuff. Some of you, who have been following me for a while, or follow Adventure is my Middle Name, may be wondering why I am doing this job. when I have a degree in Social Science (with a focus in History), and love the great outdoors. This is an opportunity that I cannot pass up for much needed work experience and income. Using Microsoft office, and doing Data Entry can be useful in the history field, especially if I were to get into historical preservation and museum work. Having an income will not only allow me to pay my bills, but also be able to go on adventures on the weekends, and have content to write about on my blogs.

I am also looking forward to doing more of my own grocery shopping again. That way I can keep more healthy but tasty food around, and at work for snacks during that day. I am also looking at getting a mini fridge in a couple months to keep at my desk, to put cold stuff in. I am really want to get back to eating better.

Veterans Day

Here in the U.S. today is Veterans Day (which also is Remembrance Day and Armistice Day in other countries). Veterans Day, is a day where we as a country are reminded of, and honor our countries Veterans. Veterans Day is different than our Memorial Day. Our Memorial Day, is the last Monday in May, and it is where we remember and honor our veterans how have passed away. Veterans Day in part is to take the time to honor our Veterans who are still with us, and their service to our country.

I want to say a big Thank You to our Veterans, as well as our current active military personnel and their families. The sacrifices you are making for our country are not going unnoticed, or are unappreciated by all. I, and many more American’s, truly do appreciate what you have given up to make this country a safer and better place for us all.

Learning to Stand on my Own Two Feet

Hey Everyone,

I don’t know if I have talked much about the impact of the trip to New York I had taken a fears ago has had on my life on this blog or not. I will take this opportunity to do so now.

It was the end of June and early part of July 2011 when I was out there. I had travelled out there on my own, to be a nanny for a family on Long Island. It was one of the first decisions I had made on my own, and had set my mind to it, and didn’t let anyone try to talk me out of it. Even if it was a mistake, it was mine to make and learn from. While I was only there a week before getting sent home for being too much of a goody goody, I am glad I went.

I learned a lot about self reliance, and that I can do anything I set my mind to, and do what I believe is right for me. I knew there would be resistance to my going from certain people in my life, but it was and is my life, and I refuse to let others make life changing decisions for me, and therefore live my life for me. I have always known that I was more independent and that I could move away and be ok on my own, even though it is always hard at first. Part of my choosing to go away like this was because I had to prove to myself that I could do it, and be able to stand on my own two feet, and not be tied to my parents approval my entire life.

To any young person out there, if you have the opportunity to go do something that isn’t completely stupid (like jumping off a cliff without a parachute), and deep down you believe that it is the right decision for you (granted you are at least 18) then go for it. If it doesn’t go according to plan or work out in the end (did I mention being sent home after a crazy week?) then it will be one of those stories you can tell later, about the experience you had, and having followed through on it.

Giving up is not a Choice

The past 4.5 years since I graduated from college, have been a struggle. Trying to find a job, having had several in that time period, trying to figure out how to pay on my student loans while unemployed has been a constant headache and nightmare rolled into my reality. Moving out of my parents house has really never been on the radar other than it being wishful thinking.

I like millions of college graduates who have graduated since 2007, have had to fight tooth and nail for what part time minimum wage jobs, living with our parents or roommates struggling to try to make ends meet has been the stark reality for many of us. Seeing some of our peers seemingly slip effortlessly into their dream career is maddening, and the thought of “what on earth am I doing wrong?” Is a constant.

I have been at my wits end, having gone through all the “where do I go and look now” options 5 or 6 times with the same frustrating, heart crushing results. I have often thought “what’s the point of trying anymore”, while at the same time having the goals and dreams from college change and having no idea of what direction O should be going with my life. I have taken jobs I didn’t like just to have a job.

I have often wondered if going to college was even worth it. Deep down I know that the experience in and of itself was worth it. My last two years of college were the two best years I have had to this point.

As frustrating as it has been, each job, and period of unemployment, as much as I would have rather have been doing something else, has taught me something. Whether it was ruling out a line of work, as a career or learning new skills, or having the opportunity to do something that I love and enjoy.

Trusting God with the next step in my life is a daily choice that I choose to make.

I have made the choice to not give up the goals and dreams I have made, because without hope and something to work toward than there will truly no hope. Goals and Dreams can change, that is all ok, having them is motivation to work hard and be a better person.

Don’t give up on dreams, and keep trusting God with your dreams and goals. God can give dreams and goals in life, for a reason. Whether they are what he wants us to do with our lives, as a step in the direction he wants us to go, or as a faith builder to give them back to him and still trust him, or have him take our dreams away completely and fill their place with what he wants us to do with the life he gave us. Trials come, and they are hard, and can last for years, but they won’t last forever.

I see each job that I have and will have as teaching tool and an experience to learn from. Giving up and hiding under a rock might sound nice at times, but that does no one any good.