Giving up is not a Choice

The past 4.5 years since I graduated from college, have been a struggle. Trying to find a job, having had several in that time period, trying to figure out how to pay on my student loans while unemployed has been a constant headache and nightmare rolled into my reality. Moving out of my parents house has really never been on the radar other than it being wishful thinking.

I like millions of college graduates who have graduated since 2007, have had to fight tooth and nail for what part time minimum wage jobs, living with our parents or roommates struggling to try to make ends meet has been the stark reality for many of us. Seeing some of our peers seemingly slip effortlessly into their dream career is maddening, and the thought of “what on earth am I doing wrong?” Is a constant.

I have been at my wits end, having gone through all the “where do I go and look now” options 5 or 6 times with the same frustrating, heart crushing results. I have often thought “what’s the point of trying anymore”, while at the same time having the goals and dreams from college change and having no idea of what direction O should be going with my life. I have taken jobs I didn’t like just to have a job.

I have often wondered if going to college was even worth it. Deep down I know that the experience in and of itself was worth it. My last two years of college were the two best years I have had to this point.

As frustrating as it has been, each job, and period of unemployment, as much as I would have rather have been doing something else, has taught me something. Whether it was ruling out a line of work, as a career or learning new skills, or having the opportunity to do something that I love and enjoy.

Trusting God with the next step in my life is a daily choice that I choose to make.

I have made the choice to not give up the goals and dreams I have made, because without hope and something to work toward than there will truly no hope. Goals and Dreams can change, that is all ok, having them is motivation to work hard and be a better person.

Don’t give up on dreams, and keep trusting God with your dreams and goals. God can give dreams and goals in life, for a reason. Whether they are what he wants us to do with our lives, as a step in the direction he wants us to go, or as a faith builder to give them back to him and still trust him, or have him take our dreams away completely and fill their place with what he wants us to do with the life he gave us. Trials come, and they are hard, and can last for years, but they won’t last forever.

I see each job that I have and will have as teaching tool and an experience to learn from. Giving up and hiding under a rock might sound nice at times, but that does no one any good.


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