Toto, It’s definitely not summer anymore

The first part of October, as well as earlier this month, it has been a bit above average temperature wise, and we have had a lot of nice, sunny weather. Since the low pressure system has dropped down from Canada, we have gone from about average temps, and overcast days to being sunny, but cold and windy. They are talking about the possibility of snow here in the Valley tomorrow morning, but I am not holding my breath or crossing my fingers on that. Quite often when there is a chance of snow here, it doesn’t stick, or doesn’t even snow. There have been a few times when we have gotten snow (like this past January and February) and it snowed, then would warm up enough to start melting it a bit, or get cold rain then freeze over, making everything icy, and therefore shutting the city down.

I am glad that I got my paperwork and drug screen done for my new job last week, so this week I can focus more on knitting projects I have going (especially my mom’s Christmas Gift) as well as working on adjusting my sleep schedule so when next week comes around going to bed and getting up earlier for work won’t be as hard as if I hadn’t been trying to ease my body into it. I had gotten used to go to bed whenever, which was always past midnight, and then getting up after 9:30 in the morning, so going from that to getting up at 6 in the morning and being in bed between 10:00 and 10:30 the night before is a hard transition for me, if I don’t ease into it.

My start date for my new job is in a week from now, and I will be doing a lot of Data Entry/Clerk stuff. Some of you, who have been following me for a while, or follow Adventure is my Middle Name, may be wondering why I am doing this job. when I have a degree in Social Science (with a focus in History), and love the great outdoors. This is an opportunity that I cannot pass up for much needed work experience and income. Using Microsoft office, and doing Data Entry can be useful in the history field, especially if I were to get into historical preservation and museum work. Having an income will not only allow me to pay my bills, but also be able to go on adventures on the weekends, and have content to write about on my blogs.

I am also looking forward to doing more of my own grocery shopping again. That way I can keep more healthy but tasty food around, and at work for snacks during that day. I am also looking at getting a mini fridge in a couple months to keep at my desk, to put cold stuff in. I am really want to get back to eating better.


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