Setting some mid range goals

The past few days have been rough for me, but I am trying to not let them completely bum me out.

This morning I had gotten up at 8:00, in trying to get my body used to going to bed and getting up earlier because I start work tomorrow. This morning I have been working on making bread and chocolate chip cookies for myself, since I am Dairy and Gluten Free.

This will be the first job I have had, that most weeks (weeks without nationally observed holidays) I will be working 40 hours, and being a boring adult. With that being said, two vlogs are going to have to be cut from my daily viewing. I currently watch four, and then whatever is in my cue on Hulu. I know from the last job I have I am going to be too tired in the evening to watch all 4 AND something from Hulu. The two that I feel that I will be continuing to watch on a regular (if not daily) basis will be The Chick’s Life as well as Ellie and Jared. Those two are the two that I look forward to watching each day.

Like many other young people my age who attended college, I have loans that I am working on paying off. I am also hoping to be able to put some money away for down the road, and being able to have enough money set aside for a security deposit, first and last months rent and have some money to be able to travel on to go on interviews and such and to be able to cover at least a month or so of gas, groceries and utilities. I am hoping that in a couple years, to be able to move out, and possibly find a better job, and move to a different state. Having some money set aside to be something to fall back on or get myself started somewhere new, and cover expenses for the first month so that I could get myself going in the new place, I would be happy. I realize that my goal is fairly short term in the grand scheme of things, but I would consider it a mid range plan. To me it isn’t exactly a short term plan of a year of less, or a long term plan of 5 to 10 year plan, it is kind of in the middle of a one and a five year plan.

I don’t know what the economy will be like in 2017, or what. From what I have heard, the project I will be working on is projected to be completed in 2017, so I am kind of hoping that my position will last at least that long. It would definitely put me in a better place financially if it does. I also know that even though I am not able to really apply my degree to what I will be doing, The skills I will be using and gaining would help me in the future. Being able to do data entry, organization of information, spread sheets, time management, attention to detail, and other things are always good skills to have no matter what field you are in.

I would love to be able to get a good paying job doing something History related, or to be a Travel Blogger (again there would still be history involved as I would take advantage of the opportunities to go see the History of wherever I traveled to), or working with children in need. Even if I traveled and saw history on the weekends and vacations, and had a job I enjoyed and I could support myself on, I would find a way to continue going on adventures, especially if I moved somewhere besides the general area I currently live in. With those adventures, and life experiences I would love to be able to blog about them while I am experiencing them, as well as create come vlogs from the video footage I hope to get, as well as still photographs.


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