It’s Thanksgiving!

Hey Everyone! Happy Thanksgiving to all my American readers and followers!

My second week of work is over, which is kind of weird. It doesn’t feel like this is the second week that I have been there. There are still things that I am having to get sorted out, but that is to be expected.

I am going to be taking advantage of the long holiday weekend, as it will pretty much be the only free weekend I have between now and  the weekend before Christmas, and even then that weekend will likely be busy getting last minute stuff done.

While I love the Holiday’s, I am also excited for them to be over and finally get into a normal “boring” working adult routine. My body is already adjusting pretty well. Even though I had today off, and hadn’t set an alarm I woke up this morning a little before 7, before going back to sleep for another hour. Taking the couple weeks before I started working to start easing myself into going to bed and getting up earlier has definitely helped, as well as having to get up and be somewhere this past weekend. I am trying to not get off my regular routine so that this next week, my first 40 hour work week won’t be so hard, in terms of getting though it with enough energy.


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