Month: December 2014

Beings that I am off

Hey Everyone!

Beings that I have the rest of today off of work, I have been working on trying to get stuff done around that house, that I have been putting off, and was going to have to make time for later on this week, either on New Years day, or at some point this coming weekend. One of those things is doing laundry, not only did I have a hamper full of clothes, but I needed to wash my sheets, it was time for that to be done.

Beings that I have been doing laundry, changed my sheets, and its not super cold or raining I also opened up my window for some fresh air while I am working around in my room.

While I am off, I am also going to be working on finishing up my Mom’s Christmas gift, since I have been busy with work and stuff, and have not had the time to get it complete. I am hoping to get it done while I am off this week, so then it will be done and I can give it to her.

Tomorrow, as long as I am going to be home, I am planning on making my birthday cake. My birthday is on Wednesday, so I would like to get my birthday cake done before that.

It has been weird being around the house on a weekday afternoon, as I have gotten used to working, and I rather like it that way.


Unexpected “Vacation”

Hey Everyone!

I am not one who usually puts my spiritual beliefs out there for all the world to see.

All I am going to say about it, is that I do believe in a higher power, and that things happen for a reason.

I got sent home early from work today, and no so didn’t get fired or quit or anything like that. I still have the same job I have had for the past 6 weeks. I left early because there was not enough work to require my being there. I may be off the rest of the week, which I have come to terms with over the past hour. While being off without pay freaks me out a bit, because I have a loan that needs to be paid, I will make things work with what I have and know I will be getting. The rest of the week I will be more or less on call, and if enough jobs come in I may go in later on in the week, otherwise I will go back a week from today.

While I am off, I am planning on trying to get my mom’s Christmas gift completed, as well an enjoy my birthday, and New Years Day.

I am glad that I do have a job to go back to, otherwise I would be panicking. I have to believe that this is a break to rest up, get stuff done, have my Birthday and go back to work ready to take on a new year, dive in refreshed and ready to work hard.

It is times like this, that are part of the reason I am trying to put money aside in a savings account, of if there comes a time that for whatever reason I need to not work for a week I have something to fall back on, that will give me a bit of peace of mind, so I won’t be quite be living paycheck to paycheck. I know so am not the only one in my situation or similar, I am just trying to learn from experience, navigate the situations I find myself in, and never give up.

Working on achieving my goals

Good Evening Everyone!

As I am writing this post it is still December 23rd, making tomorrow Christmas Eve. I will only be off from work on Christmas, and that is by choice. I am choosing to work tomorrow and Friday. Some of you may think I am crazy and be like “what????? You should take every day off that they’ll let you”. I don’t have paid vacation, so each day I take off is unpaid, and I cannot afford to only have two days on next week’s paycheck. I am happy to be able to work 4 days this week. I am really fortunate to have the job that I do, so that I can splurge on things like a new digital camera (albeit not a super expensive one) and a new hiking daypack/travel light backpack (which was on sale) as well as looking at getting a new phone. After the first of the year, I am going to start sticking to a budget and starting saving money.

The project I was hired on to do at work isn’t going to be a career, or be long term (as in more than a couple of years at best), so I am planning for what is going to happen after it ends. I want to have something to fall back on, as well as be able to travel on if I am able to get interviews in other parts of the country. I am hoping that the economy continues to improve over the duration of my job, and that my job lasts as long as possible. Both will greatly improve being able to find another job when this job ends. Until it ends I am working hard, and going to save money for as long as I have this job.

My current job has given me some much needed breathing room. While I am still not able to move out, I am able to pay my loan each month, purchase my own gluten free & dairy free food that is just for me. I am also able to keep gas in my car, and make some “because I want it” purchases. I really needed this job, and I am thankful for it.

This past year has been an amazing yet difficult year for different reasons. It has been difficult due to work/lack of it, as well as living situation/personality differences/only one in the house with food intolerances and all that entails. It has also been difficult with the passing of someone I knew this past week. This year has been amazing because I have seen God work in my life, and make a change in me. I have also been given my job, which is giving me the first real entry level job I have had. I am doing something I never thought I would be doing, but it is a very good experience for me, and some of the skills I can build off of in the future. It is also building off of having done scholarly research in College. I am going and pulling information from different databases with factual information and compiling my findings in spreadsheets for another part of the process. While engineering is not something I really have a huge interest in, the kind of Data entry and clerical work I am doing can be carried over into the History, Knitting and Non – Profits fields. The experience I am gaining here I could apply to a future career with different programs.

So, I am trying to jump start my future, by working hard and using what Work Experience I get, where I can get it to better myself and broaden my horizons.

Winter Favorites

Winter, while it is not the favorite of mine that fall is, it ranks a close second.

Reasons I like winter:

  • The same cute clothes I mentioned in my Fall Favorites Post
  • Christmas
  • Christmas Activities at Church
  • Still boots Weather
  • Christmas Dinner
  • Soup
  • Fresh Balsam Candles from the Bath and Body Works
  • Frosted Cranberry anything from the Bath and Body Works
  • Twisted Peppermint anything from the Bath and Body Works
  • Cherry Almond Shortbread Foaming hand soap from the Bath and Body Works
  • Decorating for Christmas

Best Saturday in Months………….

Hey Everyone!

This past week has been one of those work weeks that I was glad to see the end of the work day, on Friday so that I would have two days off. It was a rough week. I don’t hate my job by any means, it was just one of those weeks.

Today I ran more errands, after having ran several last night after having gotten off of work. Yesterday I had gone to Safeway on my lunch (it is just up the street ~ a five minute walk from the office), and picked up more gluten free pretzels, gummy bears, cotton balls, and gift cards for my dad and brother, for Christmas. Beings that traffic was super light yesterday morning I was able to start before 8 am, and get off just before 4:30 pm. So I had stopped at New Seasons on the way home. There I had picked up some more Clif Bars (which are amazingly good) to keep at my desk for a mid morning snack. I had also picked up some apples for my lunch, as well as some more C&H organic sugar (I like it for my tea) , which they have for $2.99, and some cranberry scented Mrs. Meyers Clean Day multipurpose spray to keep at my desk (for general disinfecting, and to clean up if I spill something or whatever). After I had gone to New Seasons, I figured that I should stop at Fred Meyer on my way home, and pick up some stuff that I had on my list, as well as some stuff for my parents (and myself as well) to help contribute to the household. Last night for dinner we had Thai Food.

This morning I had gone to see what I could do about getting a new fuel door spring for my car, since the one that is in my car (which is 16 years old) finally gave out this past spring, so I have had to take someone with me every time I go to the gas station to get the door open. Unfortunately, the auto parts store I had gone to did not carry the part I need. I came home, picked up my dad, and went to the gas station. I had dropped my dad off at home before I continued running my errands, which included Best Buy, where I got myself a new digital camera, Joann Fabric and Craft Superstore to get yarn to make a baby gift for my cousin and his wife, who are expecting their first baby. Before coming back home I stopped at Dutch Bros, and got a Coconut Milk Vanilla Chai Latte.

After I got home, I made bread and cookies for this next week for work. I didn’t want to try to fit in doing those between church and the Christmas Concert. My brother came by to do his laundry, and have dinner.

He also brought by his most recent purchase – a new gun. I did not grow up having guns around, so for a while they weirded me out. When my brother entered the Marine Corps, and with time they have weirded me out less and less because the guns themselves are not the cause of the killing, they are just an instrument, that in the wrong hands take innocent lives. The gun itself cannot pick itself up, and shoot someone, it takes a human being to make the choice to use in that manner. While they can be used for self protection, they are also used in hunting, for food and sport. If there is anyone in this world who I completely trust with having a gun, it is my brother. I trust him because of his military background. I watched him handle it today, and even without having any ammunition for the gun, he handled it, like it could be loaded, and took extra care to keep it from being pointed at any person at any point in time. He let me handle it today, it isn’t the first gun that I have held.

I also have been expanded on my Johnny Cash collection in my Itunes Library. I love Johnny Cash and Roy Orbison’s music. Growing up I was never a fan of country, then I moved off to a small town in the middle of nowhere, to go to college and fell in love with it, and country music.

It has been nice to have a “normal” weekend this weekend. Where I can spend Saturday running errands and doing my own thing the entire day, and not have somewhere that I need to be. I am also looking forward to next weekend, and being able to do some more shopping. I am looking at being better about budgeting after the first of the year, that is one of my New Years Resolutions. I want to set a budget and stick to it. I want to save money and work on paying down the loan I still have from having gone to College. I haven’t had a job yet where I have used my degree, but having furthered my education is something I am thankful that I had the opportunity to take advantage of. I would love to have a degree that is at least somewhat related to what I studied in college, if not completely related. While there have been times where I have wondered if going to college was really worth it, but then I remind myself the experience in and of itself was worth it. The fact that I completed my Bachelor’s Degree, and did it in four years is something I am proud of. I worked hard, and got it done.

Happy it’s the weekend!

This week has been a rough week for myself and many others I know. We lost a man who set an example of what a Christian man is, he loved the young people like his own children, and had an amazing musical talent, which he also was passionate about. Put young people and music together and let him direct and he was a very happy person.

He was only 62 when he passed, which is young now days. For those of us who knew him, even a little bit, his passing, broke our hearts, and it feels like there is a huge hole. His passing came as a huge shock to us all, and many of us who knew him here in Portland, had seen him and even talked to him at least once over this past weekend.

For me personally, his passing has been a wakeup call, that life is too short and we need to make the most of it.

It reminds me that now is the time to pursue the things that I am passionate about and love.

Between his passing and other frustrations at work, this week was a rough week that I was ready to see come to an end. I am glad to have a weekend where I am not having to be somewhere every night, and trying to balance getting what I need to get done for work and me, around what I am doing. I had done that pretty much every weekend since I started my job, so it is nice to have a breather.

I am hoping that after the new year begins, work will smooth out more and life will get into a normal routine. In the next year I am looking forward to more adventures, and making the most of my life.

With a Heavy Heart

With a heavy heart, I write this post. When I woke up this morning things were out of whack, and the day was off on a bad foot from the start. It was like my body knew that today would be a hard day, before my brain could understand why.

Someone I know, and had just seen, and talked to Sunday night passed away last night. It was sudden and out of the blue. Like I had said, I had just seen him going full force, life as usual Sunday night, and bam he is gone. I had respected him, he and his wife have been married for 38 years, and is the kind man who was a good example to the young men, and for young women to keep their standards high, and to get half the man he was, in a man of our own a girl would still be doing good, and not letting any standards, morals or values slip in anyway shape of form. He also was very musically gifted. He could play the piano and the harp like none other. He also played the French Horn, as well as conducted the YP Choir, Adult Choir and Orchestra on numerous occasions (as well as having filled in as THE music director for several months between music directors). He was very talented when it came to music. He loved the music, and the young people like they were his own children.

It is a reminder to live each day to the fullest, and live like each day is our last, because it very well could day.

Sunday Preperation

Hey Everyone!

There comes a point, when you can only do so much, and something has to give. This weekend going to church this morning is what had to give. My normal life doesn’t stop just because Christmas on the Campgrounds is going on. I still have to get up and go to work tomorrow, and I still need a lunch tomorrow that is gluten free and dairy free. That meant that I stayed home this morning and made my bread and cookies, and spent some time this afternoon getting my lunch ready for tomorrow so that I can go over and help serve cookies and hot chocolate again tonight.

My weekend has flown by, It is crazy how fast time goes by when you are busy. It is back to work tomorrow. It’s like where did my weekend go?

I am looking forward to my life slowing down and falling into a normal rhythm after the first of the year, once the holiday’s are over.

Busy Weekend….Again

Hey Everyone!

What a busy weekend, and it is only half over. This weekend is our annual Christmas on the Campgrounds event at church, so I have been busy this weekend with that (as well as weekends leading up to it, preparing cookies), serving hot chocolate and cookies. After working a full 40 hours this week, I got off work yesterday, raced home, finished getting ready, and went over to help. Last night we had roughly 1300 people come through, and tonight, from what I heard the official number was 2340. This evening there was a constant stream of people coming through for hot chocolate and cookies.

It was remarkably quiet when I got home, which was a nice change from 3+ hours of constant noise.

I never thought I would be happy to go back to my day job. I like the routine of work, and I am also an introvert, so the few people I talk to at work is just fine with me. Talking to hundreds to over a thousand people in a three hour people is overwhelming for me, and as much as I’d rather go disappear into a back corner or room somewhere I push through it for the weekend, knowing that I am back to my cubicle with my headphones, and talking to the same handful of people throughout the day.

These couple of evenings I have come home from the campgrounds, made myself a cup of tea, and holed up in my room and watched a vlog or two while drinking my tea to unwind.

Love being busy

Hey Everyone!

What a week so far. This week has not been as hard as last week was. This week has been my second 40 hour work week, and my fourth week at my job. The early part of this week was just wet, weather wise, today wasn’t really wet, but it was super windy. So windy that the power went out at work this afternoon, and the generator came on. After I got off work I stopped at Safeway (which is right next to where I work), and as I was walking up the stairs (it is a two story store, with the store on the top level and parking underneath) the power went out. Fortunately they have a generator, so there was enough light to do my shopping, and was able to check out, but most of the store was dark.

I am having a hard time believing that it is Thursday night already, and this weekend is the 6th annual Christmas on the Campgrounds. Tomorrow, once I get off work, I am heading over to help serve cookies and hot chocolate. I got to help with the baking process, and will get to help with serving. The only part I missed out on (with good reason, work is a good thing, can’t complain about that at all), was frosting the cookies, most of which took place today, and will be finished up tomorrow during the day. The past couple of years, cookies and hot chocolate has been busy, now that the word is out on how good the “homemade” cookies are. We made the cookies from scratch, again this year now that the restaurant remodel is done, and the kitchen is more than usable again. I am so ready for this weekend, and ready to bring it on.

Working full time and having Christmas activities going on, on the weekends is keeping me busy. I love being busy. I don’t have time to get bored.