Finding parallels

It is hard to comprehend that my grandma was my age when World War 2 ended, and that she had been the same age I was when I graduated college, when the attack on Pearl Harbor took place.

My other grandma was 12 when the attack on Pearl Harbor occurred which was a year younger than I was when the 9/11 attacks occurred. That is more of something that I can try to put myself into, and comprehend the Emotions and everything else. While WWII and the 9/11 attacks (and subsequent wars) are two different events and circumstances, learning of your country being attacked on such a large scale, that will forever change your country has an impact on a young person. Having been to Pearl Harbor, seen the Arizona Memorial, seen what is left of the sunken Arizona, and been aboard the USS Missouri (which is now docked at Ford Island in Pearl Harbor, and took part in WWII) made WWII real for me. It became more than just stories and something I read about in textbooks. I have seen and touched History, it is real.

There is a lot of history that all we have is what is recorded in history books and historical archives, but there is also so much that we can go, see, and touch. Being able to experience it, and what is left of it, is why I love it. Hearing about the experiences that those who lived through it tell about that period as well being able to go see what remains of of is why I love history.


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