Love being busy

Hey Everyone!

What a week so far. This week has not been as hard as last week was. This week has been my second 40 hour work week, and my fourth week at my job. The early part of this week was just wet, weather wise, today wasn’t really wet, but it was super windy. So windy that the power went out at work this afternoon, and the generator came on. After I got off work I stopped at Safeway (which is right next to where I work), and as I was walking up the stairs (it is a two story store, with the store on the top level and parking underneath) the power went out. Fortunately they have a generator, so there was enough light to do my shopping, and was able to check out, but most of the store was dark.

I am having a hard time believing that it is Thursday night already, and this weekend is the 6th annual Christmas on the Campgrounds. Tomorrow, once I get off work, I am heading over to help serve cookies and hot chocolate. I got to help with the baking process, and will get to help with serving. The only part I missed out on (with good reason, work is a good thing, can’t complain about that at all), was frosting the cookies, most of which took place today, and will be finished up tomorrow during the day. The past couple of years, cookies and hot chocolate has been busy, now that the word is out on how good the “homemade” cookies are. We made the cookies from scratch, again this year now that the restaurant remodel is done, and the kitchen is more than usable again. I am so ready for this weekend, and ready to bring it on.

Working full time and having Christmas activities going on, on the weekends is keeping me busy. I love being busy. I don’t have time to get bored.


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