Busy Weekend….Again

Hey Everyone!

What a busy weekend, and it is only half over. This weekend is our annual Christmas on the Campgrounds event at church, so I have been busy this weekend with that (as well as weekends leading up to it, preparing cookies), serving hot chocolate and cookies. After working a full 40 hours this week, I got off work yesterday, raced home, finished getting ready, and went over to help. Last night we had roughly 1300 people come through, and tonight, from what I heard the official number was 2340. This evening there was a constant stream of people coming through for hot chocolate and cookies.

It was remarkably quiet when I got home, which was a nice change from 3+ hours of constant noise.

I never thought I would be happy to go back to my day job. I like the routine of work, and I am also an introvert, so the few people I talk to at work is just fine with me. Talking to hundreds to over a thousand people in a three hour people is overwhelming for me, and as much as I’d rather go disappear into a back corner or room somewhere I push through it for the weekend, knowing that I am back to my cubicle with my headphones, and talking to the same handful of people throughout the day.

These couple of evenings I have come home from the campgrounds, made myself a cup of tea, and holed up in my room and watched a vlog or two while drinking my tea to unwind.


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