With a Heavy Heart

With a heavy heart, I write this post. When I woke up this morning things were out of whack, and the day was off on a bad foot from the start. It was like my body knew that today would be a hard day, before my brain could understand why.

Someone I know, and had just seen, and talked to Sunday night passed away last night. It was sudden and out of the blue. Like I had said, I had just seen him going full force, life as usual Sunday night, and bam he is gone. I had respected him, he and his wife have been married for 38 years, and is the kind man who was a good example to the young men, and for young women to keep their standards high, and to get half the man he was, in a man of our own a girl would still be doing good, and not letting any standards, morals or values slip in anyway shape of form. He also was very musically gifted. He could play the piano and the harp like none other. He also played the French Horn, as well as conducted the YP Choir, Adult Choir and Orchestra on numerous occasions (as well as having filled in as THE music director for several months between music directors). He was very talented when it came to music. He loved the music, and the young people like they were his own children.

It is a reminder to live each day to the fullest, and live like each day is our last, because it very well could day.


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