Best Saturday in Months………….

Hey Everyone!

This past week has been one of those work weeks that I was glad to see the end of the work day, on Friday so that I would have two days off. It was a rough week. I don’t hate my job by any means, it was just one of those weeks.

Today I ran more errands, after having ran several last night after having gotten off of work. Yesterday I had gone to Safeway on my lunch (it is just up the street ~ a five minute walk from the office), and picked up more gluten free pretzels, gummy bears, cotton balls, and gift cards for my dad and brother, for Christmas. Beings that traffic was super light yesterday morning I was able to start before 8 am, and get off just before 4:30 pm. So I had stopped at New Seasons on the way home. There I had picked up some more Clif Bars (which are amazingly good) to keep at my desk for a mid morning snack. I had also picked up some apples for my lunch, as well as some more C&H organic sugar (I like it for my tea) , which they have for $2.99, and some cranberry scented Mrs. Meyers Clean Day multipurpose spray to keep at my desk (for general disinfecting, and to clean up if I spill something or whatever). After I had gone to New Seasons, I figured that I should stop at Fred Meyer on my way home, and pick up some stuff that I had on my list, as well as some stuff for my parents (and myself as well) to help contribute to the household. Last night for dinner we had Thai Food.

This morning I had gone to see what I could do about getting a new fuel door spring for my car, since the one that is in my car (which is 16 years old) finally gave out this past spring, so I have had to take someone with me every time I go to the gas station to get the door open. Unfortunately, the auto parts store I had gone to did not carry the part I need. I came home, picked up my dad, and went to the gas station. I had dropped my dad off at home before I continued running my errands, which included Best Buy, where I got myself a new digital camera, Joann Fabric and Craft Superstore to get yarn to make a baby gift for my cousin and his wife, who are expecting their first baby. Before coming back home I stopped at Dutch Bros, and got a Coconut Milk Vanilla Chai Latte.

After I got home, I made bread and cookies for this next week for work. I didn’t want to try to fit in doing those between church and the Christmas Concert. My brother came by to do his laundry, and have dinner.

He also brought by his most recent purchase – a new gun. I did not grow up having guns around, so for a while they weirded me out. When my brother entered the Marine Corps, and with time they have weirded me out less and less because the guns themselves are not the cause of the killing, they are just an instrument, that in the wrong hands take innocent lives. The gun itself cannot pick itself up, and shoot someone, it takes a human being to make the choice to use in that manner. While they can be used for self protection, they are also used in hunting, for food and sport. If there is anyone in this world who I completely trust with having a gun, it is my brother. I trust him because of his military background. I watched him handle it today, and even without having any ammunition for the gun, he handled it, like it could be loaded, and took extra care to keep it from being pointed at any person at any point in time. He let me handle it today, it isn’t the first gun that I have held.

I also have been expanded on my Johnny Cash collection in my Itunes Library. I love Johnny Cash and Roy Orbison’s music. Growing up I was never a fan of country, then I moved off to a small town in the middle of nowhere, to go to college and fell in love with it, and country music.

It has been nice to have a “normal” weekend this weekend. Where I can spend Saturday running errands and doing my own thing the entire day, and not have somewhere that I need to be. I am also looking forward to next weekend, and being able to do some more shopping. I am looking at being better about budgeting after the first of the year, that is one of my New Years Resolutions. I want to set a budget and stick to it. I want to save money and work on paying down the loan I still have from having gone to College. I haven’t had a job yet where I have used my degree, but having furthered my education is something I am thankful that I had the opportunity to take advantage of. I would love to have a degree that is at least somewhat related to what I studied in college, if not completely related. While there have been times where I have wondered if going to college was really worth it, but then I remind myself the experience in and of itself was worth it. The fact that I completed my Bachelor’s Degree, and did it in four years is something I am proud of. I worked hard, and got it done.

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