Happy it’s the weekend!

This week has been a rough week for myself and many others I know. We lost a man who set an example of what a Christian man is, he loved the young people like his own children, and had an amazing musical talent, which he also was passionate about. Put young people and music together and let him direct and he was a very happy person.

He was only 62 when he passed, which is young now days. For those of us who knew him, even a little bit, his passing, broke our hearts, and it feels like there is a huge hole. His passing came as a huge shock to us all, and many of us who knew him here in Portland, had seen him and even talked to him at least once over this past weekend.

For me personally, his passing has been a wakeup call, that life is too short and we need to make the most of it.

It reminds me that now is the time to pursue the things that I am passionate about and love.

Between his passing and other frustrations at work, this week was a rough week that I was ready to see come to an end. I am glad to have a weekend where I am not having to be somewhere every night, and trying to balance getting what I need to get done for work and me, around what I am doing. I had done that pretty much every weekend since I started my job, so it is nice to have a breather.

I am hoping that after the new year begins, work will smooth out more and life will get into a normal routine. In the next year I am looking forward to more adventures, and making the most of my life.


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