Working on achieving my goals

Good Evening Everyone!

As I am writing this post it is still December 23rd, making tomorrow Christmas Eve. I will only be off from work on Christmas, and that is by choice. I am choosing to work tomorrow and Friday. Some of you may think I am crazy and be like “what????? You should take every day off that they’ll let you”. I don’t have paid vacation, so each day I take off is unpaid, and I cannot afford to only have two days on next week’s paycheck. I am happy to be able to work 4 days this week. I am really fortunate to have the job that I do, so that I can splurge on things like a new digital camera (albeit not a super expensive one) and a new hiking daypack/travel light backpack (which was on sale) as well as looking at getting a new phone. After the first of the year, I am going to start sticking to a budget and starting saving money.

The project I was hired on to do at work isn’t going to be a career, or be long term (as in more than a couple of years at best), so I am planning for what is going to happen after it ends. I want to have something to fall back on, as well as be able to travel on if I am able to get interviews in other parts of the country. I am hoping that the economy continues to improve over the duration of my job, and that my job lasts as long as possible. Both will greatly improve being able to find another job when this job ends. Until it ends I am working hard, and going to save money for as long as I have this job.

My current job has given me some much needed breathing room. While I am still not able to move out, I am able to pay my loan each month, purchase my own gluten free & dairy free food that is just for me. I am also able to keep gas in my car, and make some “because I want it” purchases. I really needed this job, and I am thankful for it.

This past year has been an amazing yet difficult year for different reasons. It has been difficult due to work/lack of it, as well as living situation/personality differences/only one in the house with food intolerances and all that entails. It has also been difficult with the passing of someone I knew this past week. This year has been amazing because I have seen God work in my life, and make a change in me. I have also been given my job, which is giving me the first real entry level job I have had. I am doing something I never thought I would be doing, but it is a very good experience for me, and some of the skills I can build off of in the future. It is also building off of having done scholarly research in College. I am going and pulling information from different databases with factual information and compiling my findings in spreadsheets for another part of the process. While engineering is not something I really have a huge interest in, the kind of Data entry and clerical work I am doing can be carried over into the History, Knitting and Non – Profits fields. The experience I am gaining here I could apply to a future career with different programs.

So, I am trying to jump start my future, by working hard and using what Work Experience I get, where I can get it to better myself and broaden my horizons.

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