Beings that I am off

Hey Everyone!

Beings that I have the rest of today off of work, I have been working on trying to get stuff done around that house, that I have been putting off, and was going to have to make time for later on this week, either on New Years day, or at some point this coming weekend. One of those things is doing laundry, not only did I have a hamper full of clothes, but I needed to wash my sheets, it was time for that to be done.

Beings that I have been doing laundry, changed my sheets, and its not super cold or raining I also opened up my window for some fresh air while I am working around in my room.

While I am off, I am also going to be working on finishing up my Mom’s Christmas gift, since I have been busy with work and stuff, and have not had the time to get it complete. I am hoping to get it done while I am off this week, so then it will be done and I can give it to her.

Tomorrow, as long as I am going to be home, I am planning on making my birthday cake. My birthday is on Wednesday, so I would like to get my birthday cake done before that.

It has been weird being around the house on a weekday afternoon, as I have gotten used to working, and I rather like it that way.

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