Unexpected “Vacation”

Hey Everyone!

I am not one who usually puts my spiritual beliefs out there for all the world to see.

All I am going to say about it, is that I do believe in a higher power, and that things happen for a reason.

I got sent home early from work today, and no so didn’t get fired or quit or anything like that. I still have the same job I have had for the past 6 weeks. I left early because there was not enough work to require my being there. I may be off the rest of the week, which I have come to terms with over the past hour. While being off without pay freaks me out a bit, because I have a loan that needs to be paid, I will make things work with what I have and know I will be getting. The rest of the week I will be more or less on call, and if enough jobs come in I may go in later on in the week, otherwise I will go back a week from today.

While I am off, I am planning on trying to get my mom’s Christmas gift completed, as well an enjoy my birthday, and New Years Day.

I am glad that I do have a job to go back to, otherwise I would be panicking. I have to believe that this is a break to rest up, get stuff done, have my Birthday and go back to work ready to take on a new year, dive in refreshed and ready to work hard.

It is times like this, that are part of the reason I am trying to put money aside in a savings account, of if there comes a time that for whatever reason I need to not work for a week I have something to fall back on, that will give me a bit of peace of mind, so I won’t be quite be living paycheck to paycheck. I know so am not the only one in my situation or similar, I am just trying to learn from experience, navigate the situations I find myself in, and never give up.


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