Happy New Year

It is January 1st, the start of a new year, and another birthday over for me. For many they make New Years resolutions and then by March few are still working on keeping them.

The only resolutionish thing that I am making is that I want to cook more healthy food for myself and make taste amazing. With that I want to blog about it and share a picture of the meal. I am trying to eat more organic, natural, non GMO, cage free, grass fed, antibiotic free etc food because I believe that it is better for my body, and that it would be getting food more like what was available prior to the 1960’s. Back then there were not all the cases of food intolerances and allergies like there are nowadays. Beings that I am one who deals with food intolerances I know what it is like to have food make make sick. I know full well that this good costs more, and beings as I am working, I am totally ok buying my own specialty more expensive food. That is my choice for me.

This year I want to write more for my blogs. I would think that daily blog posts would get boring after a while as most of them would be like “I got up, showered, ate breakfast, went to work, came home from work, had dinner, watched the chicks life as well as Ellie and Jared then went to bed”. That is how my life is at the moment.

Today I had gone to New Seasons and I found gluten free and dairy free pumpkin spice waffles. How awesome is that? I had gone to the New Seasons that I am not as familiar with so I got turned around and was like “where is everything?” I have gotten used to the little one that is on my way to and from work. I had also picked up some cage free better for you chicken for dinner this next week.

I stopped at Fred Meyer as well to pick up some lunch meat and Allergy Meds. I have allergies year round so I feel like I am taking allergy meds daily. It kinda sucks but it in part has to do with where I live.

This year I am also trying to save money and live on a budget so that I have some money to fall back on, or use to move out when I get another job when this one ends, or what have you. It would be nice to have some money set aside so if I have other weeks like this where there isn’t enough work for me to be at work, and I lose a week of pay, it isn’t as much as a financial hardship. Having spent pretty much all my adult life living paycheck to paycheck scraping by while living with my parents has been tough and I have hated it, so I am working toward becoming financially independent and moving out one of these days, like I have been taught my entire life. I have also learned that getting married and raising a family isn’t my only option in life. While both of those are admirable things, if it just doesn’t happen for me or I choose to not get married, that is an acceptable choice. Getting married is not the solution to my current living situation, or to all my “problems”.


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