Adventures and Commitment to Healthy Eating

Hey Everyone!

145Today was an amazing Saturday! I started off my day with spending several hours with one of my good friends at the Chinese garden here in Portland. This is one of the best days I have had in a long time. I love spending time at the Chinese Garden, it is so peaceful, and tranquil. My friend and I met up there just before it opened for the day, beings that it only gets more crowded as the day goes on. To read more about my trip to the Chinese Garden click here. While my friend and I were at the Chinese Garden, she bought me this mug, for using as my tea mug. I really like it, as it has Cherry Blossoms on it, and it is a kind of clay that feels like it will hold the heat better, and help keep my tea hot longer.

After I had gotten home from my adventure to the Chinese Garden, I spent the rest of the afternoon and early evening doing some baking, for this next week as well as cooking up the chicken that I had purchased on Thursday from New Seasons. To see what I did with my chicken, I posted the recipe I came up with here. I like how it turned out. I am trying to eat better, and eat foods that are better for me. Foods that don’t have GMO’s, Antibiotics, that are free to graze and are grass or vegetarian fed. Beings that I am working I am able to do more of my own grocery shopping, therefore if I want to spend $6.50 on a pound of chicken for myself, that is my choice, and I am getting a better quality of meat.

I got to spend time outside in the brisk winter air, enjoying myself, to then come back to the house and work in the kitchen making tasty gluten free and dairy free things to eat during this upcoming week. I wanted to get my baking and cooking done today so I could spend tomorrow afternoon working on my knitting, and work on getting my current project done. All I will need to do tomorrow in terms of cooking, is putting my lunch together for Monday. I am so ready to go back to work after having most of this week off. I have enjoyed the two adventures I have been on, but I am really ready to go back to work.

Before I head to bed for the night I want to watch a vlog or two, and relax, now that I have gotten caught up on posting pictures from my adventure on both of the facebook pages in which I posted pictures, and have gotten my blog posts written for the day, I am ready to relax and wind down.


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