New Years Goals

Hey Everyone!

This year I have made a couple goals for myself that I want to achieve, the first is, I want to go on an adventure each month, and vlog it for my adventures youtube channel. Along with that, I am going to blog about each adventure as well.

my second goal is to buy better quality food, which includes cage free, free range, grass fed, vegetarian fed, natural, organic, when it comes to fruits, vegetables, eggs, flours, meats, and so on. I am really trying to eat better this year. It is not so much about weight loss, but more about eating better, feeling better, and having foods make me feel better rather than making me feel like crap on toast.

My third goal for this year is on my food blog, my knitting blog and this blog I am going to attempt to blog on each of them weekly at a minimum, which means in addition to working full time at my job I am going to also fit in three blog posts, as well as my monthly adventures post and video.

I love blogging, adventures, food, and knitting. The past month and a half has been a bit of a blur beings that it has been the holidays, I started a new job, and I am working full time. I have been working on just trying to get in the groove of things and trying to get stuff done. Now that I have kind of gotten into a groove with work, I am better able to refocus my energy on the things that I love, which my blogs center around, and in and of themselves are. Blogging, even when at times feels like I am doing it to just do it, because I don’t want to not do it, and let it lapse, and then quit blogging. I am hoping to continue working on creating blog posts with meaning, and with quality content, that I care about. Honestly the idea of vlogging on my adventures channel does terrify me a bit, but at the same time it is a challenge, and I want to keep challenging myself to try things that scare me, and if my vlogs suck, then at least I tried, and I would rather have tried and failed, than to have been too afraid to have even tried. I want to keep getting better at the things that I love doing.


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