Technology doesn’t Work

Hey Everyone!

I am so happy it is Friday night. It is not that week was rough, last weekend went by way to fast. I am happy to have another weekend.

The hard drive on my computer also went belly up this week. Until I can get it replaced I am only using my iPhone and my iPod touch. I am hoping to get my hard drive replaced next weekend.

I had thought my nook had gone kaput as well, but after deregistering and deleting it, then setting it up again, I got it to work again. For now I am not going to replace it, as of late a lot of my money has been spent on electronics items, so I am going to get as much use out of my nook as I can. I am also still trying to decide which nook I want. I also want to push out that purchase until I am actually going to be doing more traveling.

After work I stopped at New Seasons and Fred Meyer to do some grocery shopping before coming home.

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