Hey Everyone!

Call me crazy, but I love the sound of pouring rain, and love the smell of winter air. I love gray, overcast rainy days, and being able to be inside drinking a cup of hot tea, knitting, cooking, watching a movie or tv show.

The sound of the falling rain also has a soothing effect that the apps for white noise / to sleep with just cannot replicate. I have lived in a part of the country where we get a fair amount of rainy days. While other parts of the country get more rain in inches, we have a lot more days with measurable rainfall. Though in the past 24 hours we have gotten at least an inch and a half of rain.

Today has been a lazy productive day. I spent most of the day watching tv, working on my current knitting project as well as cooking and baking for this upcoming week. I have bread, cookies and dinner ready for this week.

I am also starting to save money, I try to put what ever I have left each week, after paying my bills and buying groceries into my savings account. I have spent most of the last 9 years without a job, and I hated not having any money of my own. So now that I am working, and have an income I am trying to put some away for down the road in another year or two, so I have a safety net to fall back on.