Blogging and Then Some

Hey Everyone!

The Future, and what I am supposed to be doing career wise, and doing with my life on the whole, has been on my mind a lot lately. Especially now that I have a job, I can work in improving my blogs, in that I am wanting to take better pictures, of more places, and I know that blogging is something I am supposed to be doing. I love writing about stuff that is going on in my life. I love writing period. Some people vlog, and that is how they express themselves. Blogging, is my creative outlet. I internalize things more, and a lot of the time my brain functions on overdrive. I am always thinking about something.

Getting up and going to work 5 days a week, will help me anyway really be able to afford what I feel I need for my Adventures Blog, and my Gluten Free/Dairy Free Blog. It gives me more freedom to be able to purchase what I want to cook, or to put gas in my car, or pay admission fees to go do fun, amazing things. Working on my blogs is something I really want to do, and something I love doing. Have quality content to share is also important.

Right now, I do feel like my life is a bit stagnant and stalled out, but I am hoping over the course of the next couple of years, I can see at least one of my blogs, if not more of them take off.

I love that I am now able to actually be working toward making what I want happen, and being able to


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