Laidback Weekend!

Hey Everyone!

Well this weekend was kind of a bust in many regards. I did get some stuff done, mainly cooking, but other than that I have been trying to lay low, and not get sick. I almost went home today, but I decided to stay where I am because I wasn’t feeling 100%. I don’t know if it is just my allergies flaring up because the last couple of days have been incredibly warm and sunny for this time of year (it got into the low 60’s yesterday, which is abnormal for Portland, this time of year). Beings that both of my parents have been sick, I am kind of waiting it out to see what happens, if I am really getting sick or it is just nasty allergies. I am hoping it is just allergies.

Lately I have really been missing home. For those of you who are new to my blog, the place I consider to be my real home is the 10 mile-ish radius around where I went to college. I am currently back living at my parents house, which is only until I can find a better job, that I can support myself on, and be able to pay my bills, rent, and make my college loan payment and still have money for groceries. I would love to move back home to the area I love, but first and foremost all I care is that I have a job I can support myself on, and that the job gets me out of this city. I have spent 23 years of my life living in this city, and I have been sick of it for at least half that time.

So yeah, moving on, I got thinking today about how thankful I am, that my food intolerances didn’t start until after I had gotten done with college. While I could have definitely managed it better after I was no longer living in the dorms, the idea of having to live in the dorms, having to solely rely on what little I could store in my dorm room, and then whatever is in the cafeteria is enough to have made me rethink going away to college if I had food intolerances before going to college.

There are times when I still feel like I am trying to get my body acclemated to my work schedule, even though I have been at my job for more than 2 months, and it has been almost a month since the Holiday’s ended, so you would think that I would be used to it by now. So I don’t know what it’s deal is, but I am going to be heading to bed a bit early tonight and try to get some sleep before I head back to work for another week of work.

Over the course of the next few months I am going to be working on saving some money up, and buy myself a new laptop. I am still undecided about what type I want to get, but I want to get a good one that will be a good computer and last for a while. I want something that will be good, and that in a couple years, hopefully when I can move out, I will still have a reliable computer to take with me wherever I move to, and be reliable for whatever I am doing, and will be able to support being able to up load pictures, and write blog posts, and be able to support video editing software if I want to get into vlogging. so I am starting to do my research now, so I can make a wise purchase.

This weekend I did invest in a new camera, I got a Canon PowerShot ELPH150 IS camera in blue. I am actually pretty excited about it. So far it is looking like it will be a really good camera. I wasn’t impressed with the little sony camera I had purchased about a month ago. I only used that camera twice, and I was not impressed with the quality of pictures that I was getting with it, so I got something better. Once I actually get out and shoot at least one adventure with my new camera, I will write a review on it, over on my adventures blog.

So for now, I am going to end the post here, and go to bed so that I will hopefully get a decent night sleep and be well rested for work this week.


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