It’s Finally Friday!

Hey Everyone!

I know for some of you it is already early Saturday Morning or really late Friday night.

Today was a typical Friday, I could not wait for the day to get over. I was happy when 4:30 rolled around and I got off of work.

After work, my Dad and I went and got my new computer. After stopping at the Thai Restaurant to get food, and having dinner I have been working on getting my new computer set up. It will take me some time to adjust to using a complete new set up, but I am hoping for the best. I have heard a lot of good things about Mac’s, and that they are good computers. I am happy with my choice. Part of how I made my decision was that I have heard for someone like myself, who is new to video editing, and doesn’t have the experience that someone like James Chick (of The Chick’s Life on YouTube) has, that iMovie is a good editing software to use. I have been trying to invest in good electronics so that I can make what I put on my blog, Facebook page and YouTube Channels of a higher quality.

I am kind of bummed that I have haven’t been able to watch any of Downton Abbey this evening, but at the same time I realize that my time has been spent elsewhere doing other things.

Tomorrow I have some errands to run to get food for myself for the week, and work on preparing for work. My weekends fly by way to fast. Getting a paycheck makes going to work totally worth it.

I am alive, I have just had a really busy day. I am going to call it a night.


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