I don’t know about some People.

Hey Everyone!

Today seems to not have been my day for going out and about. I woke up with an allergy  headache that has not gone away even with taking allergy meds and tylenol.

I had gone to REI to see about getting some Hiking Boots, because I love hiking and need something that will be comfortable, and support my ankles since one of my ankles was left weak after a really bad sprain that never healed properly.

While leaving the mall, I had some idiot backing out right behind me, nearly missing backing right out into me, even with me honking they were oblivious to my honking, and kept backing, and the person behind me in the lane started honking as well, because they saw what was going on, and the idiot who was backing out was not getting the message from me, the one who they were backing out into. So yeah, I was pretty ticked off about that.

I was going to stop at Fred Meyer on the way home, but traffic in the parking lot was too insane for me to fuss with after what I had been through at the mall. So I ended up going to Safeway to do the entirety of my grocery shopping, which was just as well. I was going to get some fresh Alaska Salmon at Fred Meyer, on sale for $12.99 a pound, but I found Columbia River Steelhead Trout which is way more local and fresh for $7.99 a pound. I also go some chicken to cook up for this week, and more food for myself. Beings that I am working I am responsible for the food that is specifically for myself or that looks good.

Tonight I am looking forward to working more on getting stuff set up on my computer and getting it organized, as well as getting caught up on Vlogs and shows on Hulu. I have gotten behind on my Hulu videos while my old computer was on the fritz.

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