Can’t Get Enough Downton Abbey

Hey Everyone!

I am yet again glad that the work day is over. While I was at work, I was excited to get home so I could watch some more Downton Abbey. I am seriously addicted to that show now. In the beginning of the series I didn’t like Edith in the slightest, but now, I still don’t like her on the account of how malicious she has been to Mary (who is far from my favorite character), but I have a better understanding of why she behaves the way she does. She is the forgotten about middle sister. About the only way she will get attention is if she acts out, and she really has nothing to call hers. When it comes to men, if any man is deemed suitable, and does take interest in her, Mary either tries to steal him for herself or does something to sabotage things for Edith. So Edith in turn works to sabotage Mary. It is a vicious cycle that Edith and Mary are in. While Mary and Sybil are not super close, they are on better terms with each other, and Edith is the sibling who really doesn’t seem to fit, and just needs a way out, to really be free and discover who she is. I was really pulling for her with the one widower who had taken an fancy to her, and was hoping that that would have worked out, but no (at least where I am at now), Mary went and screwed it up for her, because Mary couldn’t stand to see Edith happy, while her own life was falling apart, because of the stupid, self centered choices she had made.

I am super stocked to be getting the Little House books soon as well. I have been wanting to get my own set for a while. I am going to put them away and save them for when I have my own place.

I feel like my post yesterday, for me is the reader’s digest version. I could have written a longer post, but then it would have been more along the lines of a term paper that I had written in college, than a simple blog post, to answer a question. I may one day write the longer post over on my adventures blog, but it isn’t going to happen tonight.

Tonight I want to work on a baby blanket while watching Downton Abbey. I know this post is short, but I just wanted to say hi, and write my post for the night.

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