Amazing Weekend!

Hey Everyone!

All I can say is that this weekend has been amazing.

This afternoon and evening I went home. It still feels like home, but it is different. I am different, I am what has changed. My love of the area has deepened as I have grown up a bit more in the past 4.5 years. It doesn’t feel foreign but different. I want to call it home, and have a permanence to that move. I don’t know when or if that will happen though, but being there feels so right and normal.

I know I have said it already, that this weekend has been amazing, but it really has. One awesome thing after another. It isn’t one of those pinch me moments where I am waiting for the balloon to pop, rather this is the direction I want my life to continue to be going, and keep getting better. I know it can and will happen. For now I need to keep up what I have been doing and keep moving forward.

This weekend has totally been one of those “this is what life is about, I love my life” kind of weekends. Next weekend is looking to be great as well.


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