Like A Breath of Fresh Air

Good Evening Everyone!

Wow. Today just added to the amazing weekend i had. Today went smoothly at work, and then I was able to go to the credit union, and stop at Fred Meyer on my way home. It was, as I was leaving Fred Meyer that I checked my Facebook notifications, and saw that a good friend of mine had updated her status, so I stopped long enough to read it. Upon reading it, I almost broke out in an ecstatic happy dance. I found out that they got their foster daughter back. Many prayers went up for this little girl over the last 8 months, and she has returned to the home she has spent most of her little life in.

Today went smoothly at work, and even running on a bit less sleep than I would like to normally get, it was a great day. Which was a great way to top off an amazing weekend. Getting such good news totally made the good day I had even better.

This is one of those times where I really still wish I lived only 8 miles from my friend, and still had a more flexible schedule. I would love to take her a coffee, and then do the dishes, and fold some laundry, and help pick up around the house, and helping make lunch for the littles who are there during the day, so she could focus on adjusting to being a mom of 5 when just a couple short weeks ago she was a mom of 2. I would love to see the kids, naturally, but I would love to do something nice for her, since she has become like an older sister to me over the past eight and a half years.

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