BEACH DAY!!!!!!!!

Hey Everyone!

Today was amazing. I spent most of the day at the beach with a friend of mine, and it was amazing. The goal to forget about the stuff that is stressing us out in real life, was a complete success.

We totally went down on the beach in three different towns. When I got home I smelled like the beach, which was amazing. I love the way the salty sea air mingles with the smell of camp fires, which then mingles with the way one smells from being outside. I also love watching the sunset over the ocean. That is one of my favorite things to do while at the beach, is watch the sun sink into the ocean. I know it is the whole earth rotating around the sun thing, It looks like the sun sinks into the ocean, and then disappears into the sea.

IMG_0113I grew up going to the beach, and the beach is one of the places that always feels like home for me. Here in Oregon the Coast Range runs right along the coast, so there is everything. there is the ocean, beach, mountains. Being at the beach is so natural for me, and I feel free.

I had determined it, within myself that now that I am working to use the free days that I have to go do what I love, which is getting outside and do what I love. There is a part of me, that when I know there is an adventure involved that gets me outside to someplace I love and/or going to go see History, I am going to go do it. I also love coming home tired at the end of a long day of being outside. I always sleep better after spending the day outside, and if it includes having gotten a good dose of ocean air, that is all the better.

10339276_10205554685373948_5081531226358583879_oThis weekend, as well as the past two weekends I have had the opportunity to go on adventures on each of the Saturday’s, and during each of these adventures I have absolutely loved my life. For some it may be hard to believe how much being outside, hiking, exploring historical sites, exploring in general and all that jazz makes my life complete and gives me energy. I feed off of it. I know that at some point I have to sleep, but if I could have stayed longer, I would have loved to have had a place to crash, and just spent the whole day on the beach. I thrive when I go on adventures, there is a part of me that is brought out.

The cops were out in force today. There was one point that I thought I was getting pulled over, but turns out someone else was the one getting pulled over. I am glad it wasn’t me. Especially when I am outside of the big city I try to behave myself because I know what small town cops can be like.

Adventure, the great outdoors, hiking, it is all in my blood, and it is what gets me up in the morning, and keeps me going throughout the day.

I know I will be finding sand in weird places for the next few days, and I am more than fine with that. It reminds me of each time I get to spend time at the beach.


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