Month: March 2015

Keeping Busy and Active is Amazing

Hi Everyone!

Beings that I am working, it is so much easier to just take off and go somewhere on my own if I just need to get out and go somewhere. Beings that I am paying for the gas, that is not an issue. For me, going to the beach, even for just a few hours is exactly what I need. Just driving, and getting out of the city, and going to small beautiful coastal towns recharges me.

I got up this morning, and got a move on, so I could get out of the house and get my day going. I stopped at the mall this morning. I went and got a clean eating cookbook and a vegan cookbook. I am not going full on vegan or vegetarian anytime soon, I am really just wanting to eat better, so that I feel better over all. Beings that I am dairy free 99.999999% of the time and gluten free 95%+ of the time I am really wanting fresh recipes to try, because I am tired of eating the same old things all the time. Beings that a friend of mine is a Beachbody coach, and has been running clean eating challenges over the last month, I decided to give it a try. While I have to plans to commit to the beachbody program, and be an avid shakeology user, I am giving PiYo and the 21 day fix a try, as well as trying Shakeology (I got the Vegan Chocolate flavor) for the 21 day challenge. I am really trying to mix things up, and try new workouts, primarily those that are low impact. I am wanting to get in shape, so between eating the right foods, and exercising I am working toward my goal of living a healthy, active lifestyle. It isn’t an easy goal, but I want it, and I am actively pursing it. My package of Shakeology came in the mail today. Part of my desire to get in shape is to help take some of the pressure off my knees, my heart, my lungs, and my left ankle, which I badly sprained when I was 15 and it never healed properly (leading to at least 2 subsequent sprains). I am wanting to help strengthen the muscles I have weakened by injuring myself.

While at the mall, I stopped at The Bath and Body Works and picked up a few (literally like four) hand soaps. I also stopped at the body shop to use my 8th point reward. I picked up another vial of tea tree oil, as well as the vitamin C moisturizer with SPF in it. Beings that spring is here, and summer is right around the corner I wanted a second face moisturizer with SPF in it beings that I love being outdoors. While I am fully aware that I need Vitamin D, and the best way to get it is spending 20 – 30 minutes outside, I still want to protect the skin of my face and neck from the UVA and UVB Rays. I normally don’t use sun block on the rest of my body, if I am just running errands or am not out for long periods of time. I do use it though when I know I am going to be out more than running errands and such. I totally put it on before going to the beach or hiking.

I then went to the coast for a few hours. I so needed the break from the big city. I am tolerating the city because this is where I am right now, and at this point in my life, but I get out of it as much as possible, because I am not a city girl at heart. I love the coast and I love small town life, so I spend as much time as I can in some of the small towns on the coast. I would have loved to have stayed at the coast. Every time I go to the coast I can’t get over how beautiful it is, and mind you I have been going to the coast several times a year since I was about 6 months old. I never get tired of it.

After I got back into the city, I went for a walk, got dinner and did a load of laundry before spending the rest of the evening on my computer thinking about blogging.

I know that everything happens for a reason, and that I have my job for a reason, even if it is just to be able to keep me in food and gas money so I can continue discovering what I love. If you had asked me even two months ago if I would be even more into healthy eating, and actively exercising on a regular basis (I strive for 6 days a week), I would have thought you were crazy. Then again that was also before I was forced to start working from home for my job, which then allowed me to switch from working 5 eight hour days to working 4 ten hour days, and getting off early enough in the evening to fit in a work out before dinner and still have a couple hours to relax and chill out before going to bed. I am also loving having 3 day weekends. It is allowing me to fit in doing more of what I want to do while still working full time.


Funerals are Hard

Hey Everyone!

Today has been a busy day. Beings that I work 4 ten’s, I had today off, which worked out well. I got up and out of the house this morning. I got some errands ran. I went to the bank and went grocery shopping. I stopped at Trader Joe’s, to pick up a few things there to mix up what I am eating a bit. I then stopped at Safeway to do the bulk of my grocery shopping. I came back to the house, put my groceries away, grabbed a quick bite to eat, and finished getting ready for my great-uncle’s funeral service. At the end of the service, after the flag that had been on the casket had been folded, my brother, a veteran Marine who had been trained on funeral duty fixed how the flag was folded, he couldn’t leave it not folded right.

After the service, we had the family dinner. Once home, I then made myself dinner because of my food intolerances. I have then spent the rest of the evening kind of zoning out trying to relax.

Growing up with a large extended family, over the years funerals for my great-aunts and great-uncles have sadly become all to common place for my dad’s side of the family. My dad’s mom was #4 of 7 children, and my dad’s dad was #5 of 9 children. I don’t know of anyone who enjoys a funeral, I know I dread funerals. I have dreaded them since I was a teenager after my grandmother passed away.

It has been about 13.5 years since my dad’s mom passed away, which was the first of my grandparents to pass away during my life, and that was hard on me. I took it hard, and struggled with it for years. That was half my lifetime ago. I still think about her often, and wonder how my life would have been different if she had lived to see me become an adult. In a way I am also glad she was not around for most of my teen years, and my young adult years. The grandparent I miss the most, is my mom’s mom. She had helped raise my brother and I. She was also the last of my grandparents to pass away. Because she had helped raise my brother and I, I saw her on a regular basis, and she had  been through a lot, as well as had raised two daughters (rather than 2 sons), which did make a difference. She passed away a couple months after I had graduated from college. She was the one I could call up and talk to when things were rough. I always knew she loved me. I also knew, once I was an adult, that if she didn’t approve of things I did, she would not chew me out.

The last year of my Grandma’s (my mom’s mom) life, coincided with my Senior Year of college. Her illness began progressing rapidly during winter term of my senior year. I feel like I had had the notion to work my butt of fall and winter term of that school year, so that spring term I would have a light course load spring term, which is logical in and of itself. Spring term I began looking for a job, then got busy with life, which included visiting my grandma as much as I could between getting homework and projects completed as well as being involved in a friends wedding. Of all my grandparents she was the one I wanted to make proud. Living my life in a manner that would continually make her proud of me, is a goal that I have. it in a way is how I want to honor her memory.

Hey Everyone!

This week has flown by and seemed to have taken forever to go by at the exact same time. I have been able to fit in a workout of some sort every day so far this week. This week has been a challenge for me with clean eating. Food really hasn’t been appealing this week. 

I went for a walk after I got done with work. I really needed it, to help relieve stress. Today has been the warmest day of the year so far. I am not really a fan of anything over 65 degrees (Farhenhait). 70 – 75 is tolerable but pushing it for me. 

The Future is looking Brighter.

Good Evening All!

I have been tired most of the day. Between the typical spring weather, allergies, adjusting to a new workout schedule and going home Sunday evening, it is all catching up with me.

After I had gotten off work I went for a walk, and I can tell that I really needed it. I am still adjusting to the clean eating lifestyle, but for the most part it is going well.

I know I have begun a long hard journey in losing weight and living a healthier lifestyle, but It will be worth it, and I am looking forward to the future. I am also excited about what opportunities and careers may open up because I will be in good enough shape that the physical activity will not be difficult.

I know I have talked about the fact that I am an outdoorsy girl, who loves adventure. The lifestyle changes that I am making will help me be able to do more and more of what I love. That is what I am looking forward to the most. More time outside, more challenging hikes, more amazing adventures.

Committed to it

Hey everyone!

Yesterday I took a much needed trip home and saw my family. My good friend had gotten her foster daughter back about a month ago. Little Miss has sure grown in the 8 months she had been gone. 

The dreams and goals that I have had over the years have been put on hold since I graduated from college, and I have been struggling to pay my bills and feed myself while living at my parents house. I am hoping that by working on getting in shape and working on having a healthier life that I will be able to achieve my goals. I had been putting it off and not caring figuring that I would do it later, but with the current state of things, there is no better time than now. Not being in shape may even be a hindrance to getting the kinds of jobs I would enjoy, as most involve being outdoors and having the endurance to be active throughout the day. I know that where I am now is a long way from where I need to be, but I am determined to do it, even without much support. This certainly isn’t the first time I have done something for me, all on my own. 

While I am using PiYo and will be doing the 21 day Fix by Beachbody, my plan and goal is to incorporate those into a larger more holistic workout. I know I have mentioned at least on my other blog, if not here as well that I want to get into bouldering. I also really want to work on seeing if I can strengthen my left ankle a bit as it is still really weak from an old injury that never healed properly. 

Life is short and should be enjoyed. If I don’t do this for myself now I wouldn’t be fully enjoying my life. 

When Change is Good

Good Morning/afternoon/evening All!

So, I finally got my package from UPS! It’s about time it arrived. In my package I had gotten Maleficent, Brave, and The Lone Ranger all on DVD, I also got the first two books from the Christy and Todd the Married Years by Robin Jones Gunn. 

This week I am also working a bit of overtime since there is a lot to get done at work. 

I am liking the changes I have been making to my excercise and eating habits. The 5 day challenge was hard for me, as it was so short term. The 21 day challenge is a bit easier as it is a more holistic change for me. I have also found that working from home is helping with the change. Being able to put lunch together on my lunch break is easier than trying to pack a lunch after a long day. I have also started PiYo, which I am loving so far.

Rainy Days

Hey Everyone!

So, I know I wrote about this a bit last week, but I am still waiting on my UPS Package that was supposed to be here last Thursday and that was even pushing it with the 1 – 3 day express shipping. It originated in New Jersey, and then it was first stuck in Oakland, and then I had to put in a claim, and then yesterday it showed up in Massachusetts. I am still baffled to how it went from being stuck in Oakland, California to being 3000 miles away in Massachusetts, and now it has been sitting in Louisville, Kentucky for almost 24 hours. So if it hasn’t been sent out of Louisville by the time I check again in the morning, I am going to file another claim. This is ridiculous. I would rather just go to the store and buy it for myself, than wasting a week and a half for absolutely nothing.

I had to run to the office this morning to pick up some stuff, and then I made a quick stop at the store and picked up some Corned Beef and some Cabbage, because you can’t do St. Patrick’s Day, without the Corned Beef and Cabbage.

I was going to go for a walk today after work, but it was pouring down rain when I got off. I am super excited for my PiYo set to arrive, so that I can still work out even when it is pouring down rain outside. I want to work out, because I hate that my new jeans are too tight in the waist, and the next size up was too loose. I am tired of hating how I look when I see myself in the mirror. I am tired of being tired. I want to take on bigger adventures like going to Utah, Colorado, Arizona, California, and New Mexico and going on some of the amazing desert hikes. I don’t want my body to be the thing holding me back from enjoying it, and keeping me from going and seeing it all.

This is my Choice

Hey Everyone!

Today, I pretty much laid low, as I spent most of the day not feeling the best. I am hoping that getting into a more active lifestyle, and living healthier will help with my not feeling the best all the time.

I am tired of being tired, and not being able to what I want to do, and having my weight getting in my way. I have no interest in running, or doing marathons, or anything like that. What I want to do is a bit more low impact. I am going to be starting PiYo, once it arrives. I also will be doing a lot more walking and hiking. I want to get into bouldering more, as I lose weight, and gain more flexibility and endurance which PiYo and walking will help me achieve. Walking, Hiking, Pilates, Yoga and Rock Climbing are all considered low impact, which is exactly what I need with the damage I have already done to my left ankle and my knees. I am excited about PiYo, beings that it is a combination of Pilates and Yoga, and I know I loved my Pilates Combo class that I took in College. I do have a goal weight and a goal jeans size. While I am not as hardlining the goal weight, as I know that muscle weighs more than fat, and part of why I am wanting to get in shape is to gain muscle tone. I want to be physically stronger. I am tired of being a weakling girl.

I came to the conclusion that it is now or never, and in all the things I want to do with my life, getting my body in shape would help me get there, as all of them would require more physical activity and strength than I am currently getting or have. While I am not one who likes clothes shopping period, it would be easier if there was less of me to try to fit into clothes. This is my choice, and I am determined to see it through and stick with it.

Moving on a Rainy Saturday

Hey Everyone!

Sadly, I am not the one who actually moved today. I spent a few hours helping one of my Coworkers from the Studio I had worked at a year ago, and her husband move out of their apartment, into a cute little one bed one bath house in North Portland. Their house has a front yard and a backyard, which is perfect for their two dogs, and being able to enjoy being outside on summer evenings and such. After we had emptied their moving truck at their new house, they took those of us who helped out for food.

After I got back to the house, I began dealing with placing a claim on a lost package in the UPS system. I had ordered some stuff, which shipped Friday, March 6th. I had used express 1 – 3 day shipping, and as of Tuesday, March 10th, it got stuck in Oakland, CA, and has been there since. So that has been interesting. I also did a load of laundry, while working on the claim. I would have liked to have watched Brave and Maleficent tonight, and had been looking forward to it since the Friday my package shipped, but sadly I am having to postpone that, as my package isn’t here.

Today, I ordered PiYo, which is a Pilates/Yoga workout, as I am wanting to get in shape, as there are so many adventures I want to go on, but I am so out of shape, it isn’t funny. I want to take on many more hikes, and adventures than I could have dreamed of. I also want to give Bouldering and Rock Climbing another effort, and be in better shape, and more toned, so that I have less of me to try to maneuver, and more muscle tone to maneuver the smaller me. I am doing this for myself. It has nothing to do with the societal pressures to conform. It has everything to do with me, and what I want to do with my life, on a whole, and as a career. I don’t like being stuck inside, when I could be outside exploring, learning, teaching, sharing experience, and being example that while traditions help build a firm foundation of who we are, the old ways are not the only ways. As a young woman in my late 20’s, I am at an amazing age where I am still learning a lot from my elders, yet I am an example and teacher to my peers and those younger than myself. Girls are not just weaklings, who stay inside all day and have no thoughts, feelings, dreams, goals, and aspirations of their own. They have all of that and so much more.

Even with getting soaking wet, with helping my friend move, I prefer to be soaking wet for that time to being too hot for any length of time. It was a perfect early spring day here in Oregon.

Over the past month, I have been challenging myself a bit, to get out, and work on getting used to driving different places, and using different freeways and such that I am not as used to or comfortable with. As much as I don’t like living in the big city, I still am living here for the time being. I figure the more I get used to going different places, and getting out of my comfort zone and rabbit trails, it will help me out when I have the opportunity to move somewhere new. I know when I had moved off to college, figuring out where things were, and how to get from point a to point b was rather overwhelming. This challenge had actually kind of started in college, and just continued to take off after that. In the last couple of months, having the Google Maps app on my iPhone has really helped with that confidence to figure out where I am going when I am going into unfamiliar territory.

A Beach Day to Myself

Hey everyone!

Today has been a busy a day. I had to go to the gas station, then went to the grocery store and got all that done and the groceries put away by 11:00 am. I then went to the beach for several hours. 

I took the freeway to Salem, and then took the normal route from where I lived in college to the coast. I got lunch while there, and went down on the beach. I then went down to another coastal town, and got a Dutch Bros drink and stopped at one of the lighthouses there. I then headed back over the mountains and stopped at where I went to college for a rest break. On the last leg of the trip I was expecting the typical horrible rush hour traffic as it was about 5:30 when I left the school. I got used to having to sit in the parking lot otherwise known as the freeway at 3:00 pm on Friday afternoon’s and it typically gets worse. Today on the other hand, traffic was incredibly light. I was ecstatic to make good time. 

I love spending as much time as I could at the beach. I know it sounds crazy, but I absolutely love the Oregon Coast. 

After I got back to the City, I had dinner, and I am finishing the night with finishing up the 5th season of Downton Abbey.