Loving my new schedule

Hey Everyone!

Happy Friday! I worked half a day today, since I had worked 4 nines earlier in the week. It felt weird and amazing at the same time to have the afternoon off. I was able to get out and go to the mall to pick up a few things I needed/wanted. I also went to the grocery store to pick up food for myself this next week.

This weekend I am wanting to get out and go do something tomorrow, and I want to get my iTunes playlists made on my new computer. I have had my computer for a food few weeks now, and I have yet to get all my playlists recreated on it.

Call me crazy, but it got to 66 degrees (Fahrenheit), and I seriously thought it was too hot today. We really need more rain, we desperately need more rain.

I am seriously looking into going and doing something tomorrow, and enjoy the unseasonably nice weather we are having right now.

I am loving having time off during the week, and still working full time. With my current work situation, condensing my work week will hopefully allow me to be able to go do more of what I love, and am passionate about. It also allows me to be more flexible with my friends’ schedules and able to coordinate schedules to go do fun stuff on my days off.


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