A beautiful day to go home

Hey Everyone!

They say Home is where the Heart Is, and for me that statement could not be any truer. When I went off to college, I never thought I would love small town life, or find a place that fits me so perfectly.

I have gone back quite a bit, as I never wanted to leave in the first place. I know that there and things one has to move on from, and yet others are meant to be but leaving is the only way to realize why it is what is best. I have friends and a second family there. It is one of the few places where I am myself. The four years I lived there were four of the toughest, hardest, life changing, amazing years of my life. I belonged and belong there, I have to say that it better than feeling like I never belonged anywhere.

I am one who likes to have a place to call my own, and having a home base. I love going on adventures, and I like knowing that I have some place to go back to, that is familiar, and safe. There are those who don’t understand me, and others who do.

I haven’t been able to move back yet, or anywhere else for that matter, because I haven’t been able to find a job I can support myself on. For now, I am taking every chance I get to go home.

Going back, I don’t go back to live in the past or real nostalgic or anything like that. What goes through my mind each time, is whether it can be part of my future. I will admit that it is a bit close to the city I grew up in for my liking, but the drive gets tiring. Now that I am older, I would be moving back to be able to be closer to the job that I hope to find in the area, so my dependence on the city I came from will be less, I will also not feel obligated to come visit like I did while in college. It is far enough away though that if I do put my foot down that I could and can force the separation I know I need.


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