When Change is Good

Good Morning/afternoon/evening All!

So, I finally got my package from UPS! It’s about time it arrived. In my package I had gotten Maleficent, Brave, and The Lone Ranger all on DVD, I also got the first two books from the Christy and Todd the Married Years by Robin Jones Gunn. 

This week I am also working a bit of overtime since there is a lot to get done at work. 

I am liking the changes I have been making to my excercise and eating habits. The 5 day challenge was hard for me, as it was so short term. The 21 day challenge is a bit easier as it is a more holistic change for me. I have also found that working from home is helping with the change. Being able to put lunch together on my lunch break is easier than trying to pack a lunch after a long day. I have also started PiYo, which I am loving so far.


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