Keeping Busy and Active is Amazing

Hi Everyone!

Beings that I am working, it is so much easier to just take off and go somewhere on my own if I just need to get out and go somewhere. Beings that I am paying for the gas, that is not an issue. For me, going to the beach, even for just a few hours is exactly what I need. Just driving, and getting out of the city, and going to small beautiful coastal towns recharges me.

I got up this morning, and got a move on, so I could get out of the house and get my day going. I stopped at the mall this morning. I went and got a clean eating cookbook and a vegan cookbook. I am not going full on vegan or vegetarian anytime soon, I am really just wanting to eat better, so that I feel better over all. Beings that I am dairy free 99.999999% of the time and gluten free 95%+ of the time I am really wanting fresh recipes to try, because I am tired of eating the same old things all the time. Beings that a friend of mine is a Beachbody coach, and has been running clean eating challenges over the last month, I decided to give it a try. While I have to plans to commit to the beachbody program, and be an avid shakeology user, I am giving PiYo and the 21 day fix a try, as well as trying Shakeology (I got the Vegan Chocolate flavor) for the 21 day challenge. I am really trying to mix things up, and try new workouts, primarily those that are low impact. I am wanting to get in shape, so between eating the right foods, and exercising I am working toward my goal of living a healthy, active lifestyle. It isn’t an easy goal, but I want it, and I am actively pursing it. My package of Shakeology came in the mail today. Part of my desire to get in shape is to help take some of the pressure off my knees, my heart, my lungs, and my left ankle, which I badly sprained when I was 15 and it never healed properly (leading to at least 2 subsequent sprains). I am wanting to help strengthen the muscles I have weakened by injuring myself.

While at the mall, I stopped at The Bath and Body Works and picked up a few (literally like four) hand soaps. I also stopped at the body shop to use my 8th point reward. I picked up another vial of tea tree oil, as well as the vitamin C moisturizer with SPF in it. Beings that spring is here, and summer is right around the corner I wanted a second face moisturizer with SPF in it beings that I love being outdoors. While I am fully aware that I need Vitamin D, and the best way to get it is spending 20 – 30 minutes outside, I still want to protect the skin of my face and neck from the UVA and UVB Rays. I normally don’t use sun block on the rest of my body, if I am just running errands or am not out for long periods of time. I do use it though when I know I am going to be out more than running errands and such. I totally put it on before going to the beach or hiking.

I then went to the coast for a few hours. I so needed the break from the big city. I am tolerating the city because this is where I am right now, and at this point in my life, but I get out of it as much as possible, because I am not a city girl at heart. I love the coast and I love small town life, so I spend as much time as I can in some of the small towns on the coast. I would have loved to have stayed at the coast. Every time I go to the coast I can’t get over how beautiful it is, and mind you I have been going to the coast several times a year since I was about 6 months old. I never get tired of it.

After I got back into the city, I went for a walk, got dinner and did a load of laundry before spending the rest of the evening on my computer thinking about blogging.

I know that everything happens for a reason, and that I have my job for a reason, even if it is just to be able to keep me in food and gas money so I can continue discovering what I love. If you had asked me even two months ago if I would be even more into healthy eating, and actively exercising on a regular basis (I strive for 6 days a week), I would have thought you were crazy. Then again that was also before I was forced to start working from home for my job, which then allowed me to switch from working 5 eight hour days to working 4 ten hour days, and getting off early enough in the evening to fit in a work out before dinner and still have a couple hours to relax and chill out before going to bed. I am also loving having 3 day weekends. It is allowing me to fit in doing more of what I want to do while still working full time.


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