Month: April 2015

Skills my job is honing

Hey Everyone! 

Today was a bit of a rough day. Work is busy, and being off prem makes it frustrating because systems are slower even when they are working, which doesn’t help with the work load we have. I have been working some overtime of late, which is great for the bank account but not so great for the work/life balance. I am not complaining much since the extra pay and hours is better in the long run. 

I am thankful I have a job, and and getting paid work experience until such time that I move on. This project is supposed to last into 2017, and looks promising that it will last well into 2016 for sure, as we are only about 1/3 of the way in to the project. 

Working in an industry that is outside of what I studied in college, and what I am interested in has helped me grow as a person, and helped me to shape skills that are relevant to a lot of other career fields. I use outlook and excel each and everyday. I use a copy machine regularly, I have to be detail oriented in my job, and manage my time well. I am also using various web resources as well as programs to research and gather the information I need to do my job, and then in turn enter that information onto a spreadsheet that is clear and well organized. Lately I have also been helping answer others questions about the process, and how things are done. 

I have learned so much in the past 5.5 months, while some stuff I won’t use after this job ends, other skills I will use again. In the mean time I am happy that I am able to be building my resume and be doing something productive. 


Waiting for a chance to Breathe

Hey Everyone!

I finally had some down time this afternoon after church. 

This week I spent 49 hours working, then spent Friday evening after work baking and cooking. 

If I ever mention my sister I am referring to a very good friend of mine who, besides not actually being blood related to me, I consider to be my sister. Her husband (also a friend) I often refer to as my brother in law and their kids are my nephews and niece. 

Yesterday morning after spending time explaining work stuff to my mom (who is helping work on the project I do full time at work), to help get her uo to speed. I went to the mall to do some birthday shopping for my niece. I am not one who leaves stuff like that to the last minute. Beings that my niece just turned 2 last minute shopping was easy. I also picked up a couple books each for my nephews. 

I also stopped at the Disney store where I got my niece a stuffed Winnie the Pooh doll to go with her books.  I picked out goodnight moon, corduroy, and a Peppa Pig book for her. While at the Disney store I got a Merida Doll for myself. 

I also stopped at teavana and got tea before I left the mall. I got earl gray tea, earl gray creme tea, and a citrus lavender sage tea. 

Before hitting the road to go see my sister, brother in law and the kids, as well as go to the dessert auction at church I came back to the house, wrapped gifts and got food. 

There was a bidding war for a certain coconut cream pie at the auction. The whole reason behind it from what I had heard, was that this pie is one of the few if not the only pie that one of the bidders actually likes, and every year they buy this pie, so the other bidder just kept going higher to have a little friendly competition and mix things up. The whole thing was entertaining for those of us watching. 

I eventually left there a bit after 9 pm, getting back here around 10:30 and went to bed after midnight. 

I have been exhausted and fighting allergies all day. 

Too Busy for Me Time

Hey Everyone!

I am super busy. This week I am working nearly 50 hours. Saturday I am heading home for the dessert auction and to see my good friends and their kids. I also need to go present shopping for the kids. It was baby girl’s second birthday, so I need to get her a birthday present and some books for the boys. 

My mom and I are currently working the same project at work, so I have been the go to girl for when she and some of her coworkers have questions or are lost, as I have been working on this project full time for the past 5.5 months. 

I know what I want

Hey Everyone!

This weekend is flying by way to fast. Friday Evening after work and yesterday I ran a while bunch of errands. Friday evening was all about grocery shopping. Yesterday I went to the bank, Fred Meyer, Bob’s Red Mill and Joann Fabric and Craft. I got 5 skeins of yarn (1 was originally $10.99, and 2 others were Originally $6.99) I had three 50% one regular priced item coupons which I used for the wool that I bought. 

After I had gotten home from errands I baked bread and muffins. This afternoon after church I had made a double batch of Lentils. 

I have also spent a lot of time this weekend working on my current knit for kids sweater. I also watched Bryan Lanning’s full screen concert on stageit. 

You know when you want something you know is right for you so bad that it’s worth fighting for and that working hard to get there is worth the pain, sweat and tears. That is what I am working for. Talking to my “sister” last night, reminded me that I have a place I belong, and have a family. 

Trading dresses for jeans and a pair of hiking boots.

Hey Everyone!

 Today one of my friends and I went hiking up to the top of Multnomah Falls. The hike up was tough, 1.25 miles almost straight up the side of a cliff. My legs burned all the way up. Near the top we took a little side trail and saw the creek that feeds the falls. 

After our hike we went to Red Robin for some grub. It was mighty tasty after a long hard hike. 

 These adventures, while exhausting, give me inner energy to keep pushing on, and I thrive on them. 

I am an outdoorsy girl, being outside, going hiking (even when it kicks my butt), going to the coast, and so much more brings me back to reality, and that there is more to life that just work. Right now I am juggling finding a work/life balance while I am still figuring out what kind of career is right for me. Going out into nature invigorates me, and quite often I have to stop and take in my surroundings. 

Once I got home from today’s adventure, I have been working on posting pictures, and editing my blog which is currently uploading to YouTube. 

I don’t always vlog my adventures, but I do blog about them and post pictures. For most the adventure is more than enough for them. Yes, posting pictures and writing blog posts, and editing videos is hard work. The blog posts and posting pictures is work, but it is also a way for me to decompress and go back over what I had seen and experienced. I love writing blog posts and sharing what I have experienced. 

Being able to throw on a pair of jeans, a sweatshirt, and my hiking boots, ditching makeup, and going on a hike is who I am at the core. 

I want to make a difference.

Hey Everyone!

Yesterday was one of those days where I have been busy and doing something all day. This morning I went grocery shopping, then I spent the afternoon cooking, after which I went for a walk and did a PiYo workout. After I did PiYo, I showered, put a load of laundry in the washer, and then had dinner. I have since sat down, and I am like, where did the day go????? This is why I love three day weekends. I still have the normal weekend to rest up from today and this past week.

In College my favorite classes were my History of the American West and Gender Issues classes. I am thankful that I do live in the day and age of Indoor Plumbing, Electricity, Modern Refrigeration, Childhood Vaccines, deodorant and Modern female products. With that being said there is a lot about how life was 60+ years ago, when children learned more by the age of 16 than I ever learned in college. Children could go out and play, and run around town until the street lights came on, and no one really had to worry about them being kidnapped and worse.  I also can remember a time before a lot of people had personal computers and cell phones. I am not saying that these are bad, as I am using my own personal computer as we speak. My point is, is that times have changed, and technology is taking over our lives. There is something to be said for a family to have dinner together and have a real conversation each evening. Being able to unplug, and have real human interactions and not be glued to my phone, so that I can build relationships, and really enjoy doing what I love.

My ideal career would be one where I could use my craft skills, and my passion to help and advocate for children who are living in poverty here in America. I also know that their are those out there, who would love to do something to help but don’t know how. I am working to find a job that is more than a job, that would turn into a career, where I am making a difference in the lives of children, while using my passion for knitting (and possibly my passion for the great outdoors) to make a difference.

Is a Big Move in my near (enough) future?

Hey Everyone! 

This past week the lord has put it on my heart to be willing to move to a state that I, personally have no desire to move to. Why I put it as to be willing to move is that he hasn’t made it clear to me that he wants me to move there as of writing this post. 

I don’t write much about my religious beliefs on this blog, because 97% of the time, I aim to stick with normal life situations, or just what goes on in my life, because religion/faith/beliefs can be and are sensitive and hot topics. Why I am writing about a bit right now, is because what I am going through is related to my beliefs and if it should come to fruition would have an impact on the content of my blog, when it takes place. 

Growing up, and through my own experience I have seen God ask myself and others of things, especially things that would be hard for us to do on our own, to help us to grow, and to try us. By try us, in this sense I am talking more about to see if we are willing to do what he asks of us, and to trust him. 

For me, the state that has been put on my heart would be hard for me, because it is geographically and topographically different from the region o know and love. It is also culturally different. While I know I am conservative for I live, culturally this state would probably make me seem much more liberal than I am. 

One of the biggest worries I have is the availability of dairy free and gluten free food. Beings that I am strictly dairy free and generally gluten free that is a constant worry. I know that I could deal, as long as a bigger city was within a distance that a round trip could be done in a day. Over the years I have done enough research to put my mind at ease enough to know I could and would make it work a lot of places, between finding out what is available locally and then ordering what I wanted off the internet (I know I can order the almond coconut milk I like and all the Bob’s Red Mill flours online). 

It would be a hard adjustment, and I know I would miss the Pacific Northwest immensely, as it is my home and I love all the fir trees and mountains we have here. With that being said, I am willing to move, wherever the lord wants me to move, even if it is not what I , the stubborn human, who can’t read the future, wants. 

Thought had just come to me, that where I move, it may be easier to find modest but cute jean skirts and other cute modest skirts. While I have no desire to give up my jeans, of late I have been keeping my eyes open for modest jean skirts. They are so hard to find here. 

Family Car Trips and Friends’ Kids

Hey Everyone!

Today my parents, my aunt and uncle, and myself went to the beach for the day. My aunt loves going to the coast each time she visits.

Despite the fact that I went with my family rather than going on my own, I still had a good day. I normally have Friday’s off, with working four ten’s. This week I switched my Thursday and Friday schedule so that I could go to the beach. I will work tomorrow.

IMG_0988I absolutely love the beach, I would move there if I had a job there that I could support myself on. It is one of the few places that feels right, and fits me. I could write an entire post about why I feel that the coast is the best fit for me, of anywhere I have been. I may write that post in the near future, but not tonight.

On the way back to the city, we had taken the route that takes one by the general area I lived in while in college. My aunt wanted a cherry dipped cone from Dairy Queen, so we stopped in one said town that I frequented often in college. I had gotten dutch bros, and then took the car, and went to see a friend of mine, her husband and kids. I had texted my friend prior to dropping by to make sure they were up to it.